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  1. hi everyone, I have recently been craving to get a nativa here in Dubai. I cant afford the latest at the moment so i was wondering which ones of the older models are good, plus when i was looking it up online why does it come up with different names? how many names does it have? i want to know so that i can have an idea about what to google. Oh and basically what is the difference between this vehicle and the outlander?
  2. Oh I thought it could be reset like any other kind of light. Like disconnecting the battery or something. oh well ... i will be making a call to al habtoor again.
  3. Hi guys, what can be the reason for my airbag light coming on again and again. i got the car checked and it still wont go off. I am sick of it. please help!!!
  4. I have experienced the same problem with my vehicle but my technician had a very unique theory. He said that if you keep your temp selector on either all hot or all cold all the time it continuously applies pressure on the plastic gear teeth in the valve which causes them to break off one by one. A clicking kind of noise can increasingly be heard as they do not catch. When you finally break off the last one it stops working. He said if you always leave the dial at least one notch from fully hot or fully cold you will not experience a failure of the switch.
  5. @naveed Two other sensors work in conjunction with the MAF. The Coolant Temperature Sensor and the Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor. You can research about these sensors and find a lot of information on them.
  6. I didn't know this function comes standard in all mitsubishis .. or doesn't it? Anyways, to disable this feature I took my car to the dealership since a friend of mine told me that wiring and technical knowledge is required. I also did not find anything in the manual or online so eventually gave in and took it in. The dealership fixed it for me but the point is now if I want the same feature back again, I'll have to take it in again. There is just no way to manually enable and disable it... supposedly.
  7. Hey Can someone please tell me why the steering wheel of my 2011 Galant shivers/rattles? It mostly happens when i start the car and start to drive and once i am on the highway speeding off, the rattle seems to go away for a while .. but yes it does come back when I slow my car down. Any ideas?
  8. What should i check when buying a second hand car? Planning on buying one by the end of this week Please advise.
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