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  1. It def, sounds very weird why not go back to emarat guys and complain and let them give you some clue. Though its very unlikely that due to wash your gearbox started misbehaving, but better to check and dsicuss with people. Also get the gear oil checked, may be its getting old and making this funny behavior and as a coincidentally it happen immediately after the car wash.
  2. try changing the fuse which is a cheaper fix and if still dosent work then change the horn itself.
  3. The motor is not working as i have experienced the same once and by changing the motor it started working fine.
  4. Steering rod has a small link rod between steering rod and wheels, that seems loose or running with torn bushes. Check and change them, its not expensive item (couple of hundred for pair) and its very easy to fix (1 hr job).
  5. Your best bet is deira area opp Hyatt, Satwa for electrical items or in Shj near American university.
  6. Hi Shine, i got the job from Icon 3382744 in Al quoz dubai. They are good and my radiator saved coz of that bash plate very much. Worth spending the bucks.
  7. Check the wiring if you know and see if any connection is loose. If light is gone automatically then no need to visit dealer as they also cant figure out the cause. If next time light stays on take it to dealer or qualified mechanic who can diagnose the problem.
  8. hi i take xterra to the desert for a drive and at time i hit dune in such a way that the radiator which is located in the front gets shifted a bit. i dnt want to wait till it breaks and so want to give it some kind of a protection i will be glad if anybody can help me out regards
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