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  1. I've faced a similar issue last week. They say that the Soft top Transmission has broken down, but are not being clear whether its the assembly or the motor... Wanted to check if I can get a Used part somewhere. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. @ naveed... not yet .. can you send me the link
  3. Just wanted to get one just in case. I checked at al nabooda and they said its 200 aed which I found to be unbelievable
  4. Looking for a fog light bulb. Mine's fused out. Anyone has a used one or a spare? And how much?
  5. Just keep an eye on the temp gauge. I had a water pump leakage as well but drove around for 4 months till I started feeling bad at the end
  6. During my last service, the guys at Al Nabooda said I need to get my Water pump replaced as its leaking. Any idea where else Can I get it done from? Al nabooda's charging me an arm and a leg for it.
  7. Yes that's correct. Check the power steering fluid level. It doesn't give a warning indicator so you never realize its gone down.
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