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  1. Its a nice SUV overall. Good for road and ok for off road. 4.0 is better than 2.7 in offroad. Road comfort. reliability and resale is very good with Toyota badge.
  2. there are at time sand deposition when deflating the tires so when not noticed its not removed and can make your car wobbly.
  3. i went to rashidiyah once and there were 2 garages upmost quality service i really cant recall the name but they have the biggest compound there behind the petrol station.
  4. Did you find the guy who will do the job yet?
  5. Go to technical Garage in al quoz. Turn left on SZR just before MOE exit and keep driving down staright and towards the end much before al khail rd look on ur left. They are very good.
  6. If there is no vacuum leak between the EGR and the manifold then the EGR Valve Transducer is working.
  7. Call divya auto spare parts in shj. 06-5395934,06-5326782 and check the availability, they are best in pricing for original discounted spare parts. They also have shop in Dubai, but dont know their number, call in shj and get Dubai branch number.
  8. Jump start and let it idle for 10 mins or 20 mins, then switch off and start. If it starts it was battery and now its fine, dont worry do same test after 2 hrs. If it doesnt then that means battery is dead and beyond recharging and car was running on alternator only. If alternator is dead, then in first instance car will not run for 20 mins and switch off of its own as soon as battery power run out.
  9. Coolant leak is very very dangerous bro, if it deplets too much overtime your car will overheat. Start checking radiator bottle first, then follow the coolant thick hoses and see if can trace some leak. Then reach to radiator and check it nicely from top and bottom and then follow radiator big black thick hose to engine and see if its leaking from clamp (usuall spot).
  10. It must be coincidental, check your starter relay or better change it as its only 35 aed.
  11. Hazard switch itself is faulty, get it change.
  12. 2 inch shud be the max you go w/o worrying about drive line and axles.
  13. King coil is the best springs. They have regular and heavy duty for offroad too. Choose whichever you like n need. In offroad, it will be lifted and slightly stiffer than normal and will compromise road comfort by atleast 30%. But in offroad you can fly your LC in dunes.
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