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  1. Since last month my manual corolla having sticky 2nd gear to put in. Rest all gears are fine except the second gear, sometimes when i force to put in it makes grrr grrr noise and then i depress the clutch and try again it goes but with same difficult. Im clueless whether this is a gear issue or clutch or engine issue. Please advise, thanks in advance.
  2. Interesting find man, is that iPad integrated or aftermarket add on??? Looks very cool.
  3. how is the ride now still sensitive?
  4. As this is very unusual it could be the door lock actuator that must have gone bad It also could also be a bad switch but since only the one door it is most probably the a Bad Actuator.
  5. Thats pretty normal, when you locked the car then alarm became active and when you switch on engine with original computerized key car unlocked the security system and started the car. its fine dont bother.
  6. That means cluctch is dislocated or clucth is worn off and become free completely.
  7. Means its time to change the Timing belt mate. Its a serious job and get thru qualified technician only.
  8. P1135 Air/Fuel sensor heater circuit response (bank 1 sensor1). It would be your o2 sensor. Bank one sensor one is the upstream sensor.... Pre cat.... The sensors simply screw in one side and plug into the other. Dont buy a universal o2 sensor.... There may be wiring involved, spend the extra bucks and by an OE sensor. PS since it upstream not down stream your pretty safe knowing its the sensor, Had it been an error in the downstream sensor it may have been the cat.
  9. i have a 2008 aurion and i am having problems with these issues that is i need to press on the gas more to get the speed i used to which was not the previous issue and when i do that the car has a funny noise coming out of it it use to give me a good average previously but now it is gone lower fuel average. the break needs to be pressed harder for it to stop. please advice
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