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  1. From the recent PR or news blog Lamborghini dropped a first promo video for its latest addition to the Huracan lineup: the new LP 580-2. As per the company, the rear wheel drive version of the Huracan was created to give its driver a pure ""fun to drive"" experience. Click and play the video to get more inside.
  2. Firstly when I read the title I thought it might be a fake, again I check who and where its published. But take it seriously as it's WIRED content. In term of human lives cut short, 60 in US alone. According to the study NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) interact with the chemical live in the atmosphere to form particulate matter and smog. The process depends on sunlight and temperature. The matter of study is those particles are toxic, nasty stuff that can cause lung and heart disease and eventully death. Just sharing url of the exact souce where new this is publish. Really OMG.....! http://www.wired.com/2015/10/new-study-links-vws-emissions-cheating-59-deaths/
  3. Came across this weird dwarf Touareg few days back near my office and I was scratching my head for need of one looking identically photocpied Touareg, but smaller, googled bit of specs and size data and realized that it's a Porsche Macan (dwarf Cayenne) league. Below are the latest pics of Tiguan that I bumped on fb today, in case someone is interested here.....! As VW claims: It's growing in interior space and fuel gains by 25% to promote Tiguan better.
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