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  1. I have Camaro from 3 years, and suddenly there is no spark in the car. So can anyone suggest me how to check the spark in the engine please. Thank you
  2. Can anyone tell me when to replace the oxygen sensor in car?
  3. You were right dude. The fluid level went down. But its ok now. I went to the garage and got my car fixed. Thanks for info bro!
  4. The steering of my Audi A4 is too stiff and it's too risky especially when I am taking a turn. The string doesn't move properly. I don't know what's wrong?
  5. Actually it depends. If you have done complete brake job before, you an comoress the piston using C- clamp. But if its your first DIY task, i wont prefer you to perform this as you may not be aware of the funtioning of the brake pads and discs.
  6. There is a noise in the wheel bearing of my car. What to do?
  7. Well, If hyundai is your preference, then i would suggest you to go for i30. I mean its a really a smooth car. Being a hatchback, it's really reliable on highway or long drives. The maintenance is not really expensive, and it suits the lifestyle of every person.
  8. Can you also tell me the cost of fixing it? How much are the dealers gonna charge me for this!
  9. Hey! Good morning everyone. I have Jetta, 2005 model. I like my car but recently noticed one problem. The digital trip odometer doesnt move when I am driving. Have no clue why this is happening. Somebody please help.
  10. Sure dude. Will do that. But when last time my car was overheated, it was because of the engine oil leak. I am sure it cannot be the same thing again as I replaced the whole thing.
  11. Why is my VW Polo overheating again? This is really annoying. I am sure my car will break down soon.
  12. I think its better if you take your car first to the dealer. If your car service is still under warranty, they can serve you better than any other garage.
  13. My top 5 list is: 1. VW jetta 2. VW golf 3. VW Passat 4. VW GTI 5. VW CC
  14. 1999?, it means 14 years old. I really don't think its a good idea to go for such an old model. Anyways vw golf is a high maintenance car, and if you buy an old one, it will not be a good deal for you as you may just be paying for the maintenance after every 2 weeks.
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