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  1. I am using standard available fuel across Dubai, i.e. Special and Super. Ford Dubai is telling me that in past couple of months some bad fuel came in Dubai with high quantity of Megnese which caused this, now its fine as per Service center representative. so the damage has been done and they charged me. But I am not satisfied with this reply from Ford UAE. UAE is among the GCC which produce very good oil, i can not expect this atleast in this region known for good fuel.
  2. I would like to mention a complaint against Ford UAE. i have a 2013 ford Edge dubai. the car is 2 year old and it was misfiring while doing high speed quickly, with the check engine light on. ford uae does not want to cover it on warranty stating that the problem is with the fuel and not with the car. the car only have 66000km on my meter with full service history it should be covered till 100000km or 5 years. please help and find a solution for this. otherwise i will be forced to spread this experience with ford to everyone.
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