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  1. Hello, I am the owner of Audi 2004 model with 2.0 L petrol engine. Last night in the morning when I started my car at around 5:15am, as usual to go to my office in Dubai, I notice some awful nocking disturbance. It only do the disturbance or noise for about 4 to 5 second and then appears to be excellent driving/starting after get heated. Now the mechanic say leave your car at middle of the noon with them, and in morning he will wake up early and check the noise at 5:14, Stupid. Anyway I think they do it like with all customer. Just raising this question forum to understand is the problem with the low oil? Or It could be just because in the hot or cold weather? The only thing which make me worry is I changed my car only just before 25 days back around. Any suggestion or clue to solve the problem will be appreciated.
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