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  1. vishlad702

    120K service for Pajero

    Thank you Rahimdad! Timing belt was changed at 100000 kms at an agency recommended by Barry.
  2. Hello everyone, I recently got the 120K service done. Habtoor quoted me 3200 Aed for what they called as Major service for which they would basically be replacing all fluids in the car. Got it done outside for 1000 AED which covered a) Engine Oil and filter - Total 5W30 Synthetic oil. b) Differential oil change - front and rear c) Coolant Change d) Brake Oil Change(Toyota brand DOT 3) e) All spark plugs were replaced by new ones (NGK Brand). Apparently some of them were changed earlier but I asked them to change all 6 of them. f) Air filter replaced The only things left out was the fuel filter and the oxygen sensor. For the fuel filter they asked me to come back again in 2 months and for oxygen sensor they informed me that it is not required. My query now would be that apart from the above list do I need to get any other thing inspected when I go back in 2 months for fuel filter. Another query is whether or not the fuel filter really needs to be changed at 120K? Regards.
  3. I guess the gentleman made up his mind to get the belt changed in Habtoor, much before the comments poured in. 😁
  4. vishlad702

    Pajero engine failure

    Wow Gaurav Bhai! Cool news really! Without the help of those persons you have listed it would not have been possible I guess.
  5. I have tried this STP thing offlate in my Pajero. I have not found any difference. On the contrary, the car's Fuel Efficiency went for a toss and I felt robbed of my 51 Dhms. 😥
  6. vishlad702

    Pajero engine failure

    This goes in my collection of quotes. Absolutely true!
  7. Hi. If the noise is only on rough terrain I would not bother much. The garage is not owned by Mr Mohsin. He works there as the service manager. And yes @Barry has suggested to get the timing belt replaced there. Regards,
  8. vishlad702

    Pajero Timing Belt Replacement

    Yes. Both labour and parts.
  9. Did this noise develop off late or was always there? Please elaborate. On timing belt it is your decision to go with whatever you want. You can buy either of the two as suggested by Barry. Personally I would prefer the Mitsubishi ones. Regarding garages in Sharjah, you can visit "Fantastic Auto Maintenance". Heard some nice things about them from my colleagues.
  10. vishlad702

    Pajero Timing Belt Replacement

    Update on timing belt replacement So i was finally able to change the timing belt. I dropped my car on 26 May and collected it today. The parts that were changed was the timing belts, idler pulley and the spark plugs. All the items were original and this was doubly ensured by Mohsin. The total was AED 1155. However if you have some additional work please factor in the same. I did not get the the general servicing (such as engine oil change and air filter change) as I had a contract with Habtoor till 120K on my odo. The water pump in my vehicle had no issues hence they did not replace the same. I have not experienced any difference in driving after the change. They informed me that the new timing belt will work till another 120K Kms on the odo. Due to Ramadan, the service center functions from 7.30 am to 1.30 am. In case you drop your car at 7.30 sharp then you may be lucky to get it back the same day. The work requires a min of 6 hours. I would advise you not to be in a hurry since good work on cars takes time. Since I stay in RAK, I dropped the car yesterday and collected it today. I rented a Toyota Yaris from Al Quoz from Belhasa for a day. The overall experience was positive. Special thanks to Barry for suggesting a workshop. I could not catch you up this time since I had to rush to RAK for an emergency. I would surely drop in the next time am there. Hi, I have posted an update on timing belt replacement. Please go through and let me know if you have any questions. Regards, Vishnu
  11. vishlad702

    Pajero Timing Belt Replacement

    Hi, Not really. Am scheduled to change the belt this Saturday. I have a rough estimate but shall inform you once I get this done. Thanks, Vishnu
  12. vishlad702

    Pajero Timing Belt Replacement

    Anything for a free coffee 😉
  13. vishlad702

    Pajero Timing Belt Replacement

    So I just called Mr Mohsen and I am visiting there for the replacement on this Saturday. He did not give me any costing over the phone which is fine for me. Shall give you the feedback once the work is completed.
  14. vishlad702

    Pajero Timing Belt Replacement

    Hi, Was away for couple of weeks from UAE. Came back yesterday. Have not contacted him yet. Shall do and let you know. Regards, Vishnu
  15. vishlad702

    Spacers and A/T Tires for Pajero

    Tyres come with a time and km limit whichever is earlier i.e Odo reading alone should not be the deciding factor for changing the tyre. Tyres become harder as temperature fluctuates and even if you have a lower Odo reading which is the case here.You should consider changing the tyre if you have had them for 2 years. Now on the tyre brands we need to be aware that most of the brands now outsource their business with their specification. One of the lesser known brands would be Maxxis which has given me a satisfactory performance till date. So as an alternate to the big names you can go in for them which would be a value for money proposition. Check out the Maxxis Tyre Review in Australia. The tyre name from Maxxis that you are looking is called Trepador. I have had conversations with couple of land cruisers owners who were happy with the brand. This was important for me to make a decision on the brand change