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  1. Good evening to all .. sorry for the late register .. count me in I am looking forward to this drive. thanx
  2. Thank you all for your support and safe exiting. Unfortunatly this incedent happen and the axel got broken at the begining of the area expoloring. But the experiance of you all and the proper mangement of the leader with well study for the area geography, helps for safe exiting. Thanks god tye car made it to the road and i kept driving it slowley and safley to home. Good news the car got fixed and ready for the next off roading. Again thanks for you all
  3. Hi to all, after a long time … I would like to join you guys in this drive. Really miss you all.
  4. Count me guys for the whole trip .. i am fully in 😎😎
  5. Good morning all ... Consider me in after long time ... miss you all
  6. Good Day to all .... After long time I really miss you all guys .. please count me in for this drive. I missed driving with you and enjoying the adventures. Can not wait to meet you all
  7. Thanks for very nice vedio bring back alot of memories
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