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  1. What would you buy

    "A big problem here is a lot of people who own nice cars aren’t enthusiasts. They just buy something as a status symbol or nice piece of furniture and drive it and drive it with minimal servicing and no regards to marque or model idiosyncrasies." I completely agree with your statement Barry, keeping a luxury car in good condition is not a cheap past time. Even if you repair the car yourself or have your mechanic complete the work.
  2. Garage for Checking oil leak for VW Tiguan

    I'm an old dog and I love new tricks. Will remember that one.
  3. Macau Circuit unfit for purpose?

    Macau used to be an open track in the early days and there was some space/run offs. However, in 2000 a spectator was killed when a car lost control in the run off area. Then it promoted the installation of more safety fences. Which was a shame as now there are only a few areas where you can watch the race live. Everywhere else is locked down so your stuck with the televised version. Check the history of the Macau circuit and there are many drivers who love the challenge of the circuit.
  4. Dear me.... It brings to mind "there is one born every minute idiom" But, there again, each to there own!
  5. Do you fix your car by yourself?

    Myself, prefer if time is willing to do my own. Find great satisfaction in fixing the faults. BMW X5, water pump and fuel rail. Later, water leak from the back of the inlet manifold. BMW E36, window motors and ECU and front struts. Bentley Eight, find starter fault and replace relay and relay holder.
  6. Good afternoon all, Does anybody have any horror stories regarding exporting a late model Prada to England?
  7. World's first all electric off-road beast

    Two years ago I replaced the car battery with a factory original battery and the car spent most of time under cover in the car park or under cover at the office and I have just replaced my battery, only two years!
  8. World's first all electric off-road beast

    Wow! Not too heavy. Still cannot see it being fit for desert driving.
  9. World's first all electric off-road beast

    How heavy is the vehicle?
  10. its just a drain bolt not a head bolt

    Hi guys, been there!!! The worst one is the maniac who decides wheel nuts are head bolts!!!
  11. Road Trip To Western Coast Line of Emirates

    Hi @Abdul Basit Khan do we have a tentative start time, cheers
  12. Real world mechanic problems

    Forgot this one, changing front brake pads. Your pushing back the piston when you remember you did not remove the master cylinder cap.. Pouring the best part of oil into the filler cap and someone distracts you and the rest of the oil misses the filler cap and lubricates the exhaust manifold. Happy days.
  13. Real world mechanic problems

    @Barry guess its a bad day! You could mention dropping a spanner or a screwdriver when your working over a pit or on a ramp. And the other one is climbing onto the ramp and forgetting to bring that socket. Removing the gearbox and it jams against some small object and the gear oil runs down your to arm pits. Working on your back and debris falling into your hair and eyes. And finally, the moving rocker gasket..! You have cleaned everything, greased the gasket into place onto the rocker lid and you slowly move the lid into place avoiding all the cables and other obstructions, start the bolts and check all is good. Tighten all the bolts and start the engine with a smile, that's until you see the leaking oil....!!! Start again..
  14. Road Trip To Western Coast Line of Emirates

    @Richard Mellish I'm free both dates 0501819256
  15. Sign of a broken axle?

    Dear OP, sincere apologies for causing you any confusion. Please allow me to offer you a link which explains the terminology.