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  1. Richard Mellish

    Request - Don’t DM me for car advice

    Fair play Barry. A little respect for your space.
  2. Richard Mellish

    ECU of my Ford Escape 2009

    Good afternoon, I would not buy another ECU as this problem may be a switch or sensor that links the three circuits/systems. Look at finding a wiring diagram to source and fix the issue Regards, Richard
  3. Richard Mellish

    Anyone selling a tv?

    Hi Barry, Fantastic. Richard
  4. Richard Mellish

    Anyone selling a tv?

    Hi Barry, It has the RJ45 connector on the back of the TV. Therefore I assume you can connect to the internet, however not sure about WIFI. Richard
  5. Richard Mellish

    Anyone selling a tv?

    Hi Barry, It's 40 inch. WIFI, not sure. will dig out the instruction manual and check. Richard
  6. Richard Mellish

    Anyone selling a tv?

    Morning Barry, What size are you looking for? Regards, Richard
  7. Richard Mellish

    Land Rover Defender mall crawler

    Dear Me, Another one...! And some body shop has made a killing with this. Cannot say I would be proud to have this in my project portfolio....
  8. Richard Mellish

    Hello everybody,

    Hi Anna, welcome to the club..
  9. Richard Mellish

    First experience as a Newbie - Feedback

    Hi Rahimdad, Great idea and I'm pleased to assist. How much did you enjoy your first drive? Very much, It was something I had wanted to learn for a long time. I had looked at many sites on the internet to find a club which welcomed Newbies. What did you enjoy about the drive? The different levels you experience from a drive. The refusals, how to rock your way out of a situation when the vehicle gets stuck and learning how to keep momentum. Which part of the drive you think you enjoyed the best which you would like to repeat? That is difficult to answer being a newbie and only two rides. Honestly, I enjoyed the whole experience and I'm looking forward to joining the club on more drives once I return to Dubai. Do you think there was a good mix of lecture and practical, was the lecture too long, and any part that can be avoided or done in a shorter or different way? Do you think anything else could be added to the lecture? Myself, the lecture is the perfect, information is given to all. If anybody has a question, it is answered. The drive route is explained and the terrain. Then off you go for a few hours of testing your skills off-road in a safe and controlled manner. Do you think prior reading material would help? Personally no. Myself I like to be hands on. Practical experience is a great teacher, which is why I am looking forward to more drives with the club. Would you know where on the Carnity forum you would be able to find the information you are looking for? I have never had any problems navigating the website. To myself, its intuitive and works. Is there anything you think could be done in a better way? At the moment I have no suggestions, however should anything change I will gladly advise. How do you suggest to make things better for the new comers? A flash drive with the information available from the website would be good. Every Newbie should be aware of the basics, flag, basics tools to deflate tyres, inflate tyres, etc. To carry water, etc. Things others take for granted. How do you think you can progress within the current atmosphere and learning opportunities provided? None as I see at present, there again I only two drives. But I will say I enjoyed both immensely.
  10. Richard Mellish

    Total Newbie... help please

    The previous owner liked his gadgets. From the picture of the front screen you have a GPS & TV antennas. Plus battery management which suggests he did not want the battery to drain beyond a level they could not start the engine. If you have use for these gadgets, then use them. If not removed them and repair the wiring as required. Check the fuses and hopefully your electrical problems should be repaired. As for the Traction Control, Gaurav previous comments has covered the main points. Happy motoring. May I say the Off-Road Club is worthwhile joining to learn desert driving with safety.
  11. Richard Mellish

    Cars you regret not buying

    Had a choice of two cars: Triumph Dolomite Sprint or a Fiat 131 Supermirafiori. Drove them both and liked them, although I did prefer the Dolomite. But because the interior of the Fiat was better, it swayed my decision and it was the Fiat. Then it rained..... like it does often in the UK. The car was on casters, every chance it had, it broke free. Change the tyres for P6, no dam difference. Saved some pennies and part-ex the car.
  12. Richard Mellish

    Variable compression engine

    Wonderful piece of engineering. However a lot of moving parts. But it would be interesting to see how it fairs with high mileage. Also a rebuild has to be expensive in materials and labour. Time will tell gentlemen.
  13. Richard Mellish

    3 car dream garage

    Mercedes Benz is my choice. 1. Pullman 2 AMG 560 SEC 3. Finally Cosworth 2.5 Evolution 2 190E
  14. Richard Mellish

    Absolute newbie drive - Pink rock - 5 Jan 2018

    I'm back in town this weekend. Will need to check my car as I have been away for a month, if all is fine, I will see you all at 12:45 pm. Happy New Year to all.
  15. May be showing my age, this is a trip down memory lane...