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  1. Perfectly running car which I have had for more then 8 years , recently spent 4K on a new starter motor , debating wether to keep on running it , or sell it for whatever I can 15-20K , again would not get anything decent in that price , only risk is something major breaksdown , I would have no choice but salvage it
  2. Thanks for your advise , I went to Abu Hassan and he is indeed a great guy , was worth the drive to Sharjah , got a replacement control unit for Cayenne Headlights , his mechanic ( denter ) actually rewired the wiring assembly , and replaced the bulbs , saved me about 3000 AED which otherwise would have been needed for new head assembly and a new control unit , highly recommend him!
  3. Hi , any chance you can share the name and number or company you used , I need Cayenne headlights with control unit , also is there big margin for negotiation for the price ? Many thanks!
  4. Hi , Having low drip beam issue on my 2007 Cayenne , replacing bulb didn't help , when opened inside wirings were all brittle ( known issue ) any suggestion to get the wiring assembly replace by a good electrician , or get a replacement headlight unit from somewhere cheap ( used would go) thanks Moiz
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