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  1. Thank you Guys for great feedback
  2. Thank you Rahimdad for your Advice, From 2014 Durango has rolled out as new models, with 8 speed auto gears and many other updates, is the 2014 HEMI V8 RT model an good choice to buy?
  3. Hi Gaurav, Thanks for the Advise, sure i will wait for more feedback. Many thanks
  4. Thank you, @Sertac for reaching out. Many thanks for you feedback
  5. Hi Team, Need your advice on buying, Dodge Durango 2014, RT. the vehicle has done 93,000 KM, asking Price is Aed 60,000. I am too tempted to consider the ride seriously because of the price. not sure how these dodge are on reliability. i am currently driving an 2008 Camry. Can you guys give me few advice if i really should go for the Durango. i normally use the car to commute from Sharjah to Dubai for office, and occasional long drives to Fuj or Khorfakkan. not a desert guy, may be will try out with Durango. Reasons to consider Safety Space, Price, Hemi engine, which works as 4 cylinder and on 8 only when needed, making it more fuel efficient.   Request your advices.
  6. Thank you, great to be here! i am planning for an upgrade from my current Toyota camry, which i had it for the last 10 years. i have a few options in mind, but difficult to choose from, look forward for your advice. Lexus GX460 2014 Prado V6 limited 2018, and 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee. the Vehicle will be used for normal office drive, no plans for desert, my first preference would be reliability and fuel economy of vehicles. i look forward for your replies. i will be test driving GX460 2017 model today, because i really got blow away by the features of this car.
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