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  1. I ran by Toby's in Dragonmart today and he showed me some new 22" LightBar they have which produces an acclaimed 50K Lumens... at first I didn't believe him so I made him start it up... I know the guy pretty well so I told him I want to take it and test it for a day. Brought it by to my friend's place who has a 50" Rigid Adapt bar which produces approx 50K Lumens as well, we went to the open beach to light em up.. and this was definitely just as bright and shot a good 700-800 meters. I will be going tomorrow to give him the cash for it lol, China isn't messing around.
  2. TJ All the way! The 2007-2011 JK's have a really bad engine and struggle for power. With a TJ you have an AMC Straight 6 engine which are known to be almost bulletproof and are very cheap to maintain and modify if needed. Yes, if you want something to drive daily also then the rattling in the TJ will be annoying, but its the perfect desert toy!
  3. hahahaha noooo! there's a "06 3.0 SWB which has been fully modded too... belongs to a friend of mine. I think I'll put it up in the classifieds section
  4. In Hindsight, you are absolutely correct about the not wanting a newbie driver to be in a fully modified vehicle.. that didn't even cross my mind!
  5. Hi Rohan, buy the second car... If possible try to find one which has been modified already! If its been used in the desert its okay as the previous owner has probably spent enough maintaining it. With the added advantage of saving money by getting it already modded. Any which ways, with older cars you will have a few issues so keep 5-7K just on the side to do any maintenance with it. I'm sure you will get many different opinions as everyone has a different experience with how they have come to use their cars. Hard truth is that no matter what route you'll end up spending a good chunk of money. Having a desert toy means its gonna rattle or make a few noises here and there, which is why always keep a comfortable daily/reliable commuter alongside. This will save you any logistic issues if one car is in the garage too.
  6. To be honest I don't know the Lumens, all I know is that when I switch it on I should see a second sun. It does that pretty well lol.
  7. I have the Hanma lights from Dragonmart too, paid 450 AED for a 22 inch light bar which is mounted on my front bumper. Along with some side mounted flood lights for 270. Both came with a 2 year warranty. They run beautifully!
  8. No Problem! Anytime Yes it's fixed hahah, was a small sensor issue.
  9. Thank you for the Drive Sri! @Srikumar Firstly, sorry for holding everyone up towards the end, the car is all fixed.. was the silly MAF sensor with a broken pin. The drive was slow but still the route had good flow and was a pretty relaxed drive! Hope to see everyone next weekend too! Cheers, Jas
  10. Hi Sri, My Compressor decided to give up on me right now as I was doing a test of the equipment. Are we planning to exit nearby a petrol station? Just don't want to burden one of you as it'll be hot by the time we exit! Cheers, Jas
  11. I am attaching the Relay to pull and My Air Box, keep in mind with these filters is it important to make sure you buy a DRY Filter (Not Oiled) and after every drive you take it off and air gun it to remove sand.
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