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  1. Hi, I have camry 2005 (3rd option) GCC specs (Believe that all GCC specs cars in UAE are Japanese make). I tried almost 5 OBD2 readers from Amazon UAE in last 1 week but none of them worked with my car. The last one i tried was for AED 300. All of them start and says failed to communicate with the ECU. I took my car to a local garage who have an OBD2 car reader advanced one. It well connected to my car. Hence there is no issue with my car ECU. But i dont understand why the OBD2 readers i ordered from Amazon not worked with it. Secondly all those OBD2 scanners worked well with my Lexus LS400 98 model American spec. But not worked with my camry i am referring above. Kindly if someone could help me out. or suggest any OBD2 reader from Amazon UAE which they bought and worked with their camry with similar specs.
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