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  1. @Chirag S. @Gaurav below is the before and after pic
  2. True @Gaurav. Hopefully it lasts for a longtime... To the desert god 🍻
  3. After the last 2 drives my bumpers and body kit were fully gone. I found a garage in Ras Alkhor and decided to go with them to remove my body kits and install skid plates. 6MM thick aluminum front skid plates up until the gear box along with 6MM aluminum plates for back costed me 1,550.. this is after major negotiations. They are a bit slow with their work i have spent 2 full days with them in garage trying to figure whats what in the car!!!! I also have issues with wheel alignment after the last drive so i must do the wheel alignment after here now!
  4. TYRE COMPRESSOR I went to S&D and negotiated for half hour and they would not give it for less than 250... Sadly other shops didnt have camel brand.... So i went back to S&D and got it for 250 😒! FLAG They do not have off-road car flag pole available... Atleast not the one with suction cup so i walked away. Dragon mart will be closed for 2 weeks from tomorrow... I dont think there will be any luck finding it elsewhere or atleast to my knowledge.
  5. This is very helpful champ. Yes i will fix this and post the before and after pics. Thanks again!!
  6. Hi Guys, Its been a crazy day with two drives back to back this morning and afternoon i must say it was a fantastic experience... However i paid the price by breaking my front bumpers... Can you guys recommend a few places that can replace/fix bumpers? If you can share a contact number that would be great.
  7. Oh my god this looks like alot of fun.
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