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Summer Off-road Adventures

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  1. Hi @Nabil Bishara i removed my name this morning. I will not be able to join the drive. Please give my slot to the next person in line. Many thanks.
  2. @Kailas im sorry. I want be able to join the drive. I have to deal with an emergency situation at work. Enjoy the drive!
  3. Hi @Kailas i would like to join your drive. if you can add me to this drive i would like to withdraw from the other drive. Please can you confirm.
  4. @Humayun Ghias - Skid plate is good. I have 6mm Aluminum skid plate covering until gear box. I Highly recommend it.
  5. I managed to get myself on a fewbie drive just now. So this will be waitlist for 2nd drive.
  6. @Luca Palanca Falsini - Hi Luca - please give my spot to someone else. I have a heating problem with my car and i have to leave it in garage.
  7. @Foxtrot Oscar i left the Saturday afternoon drive. Will be joining the morning drive with Luca.
  8. Oh no! Unfortunately i want be able to join this. Next person on the waitlist takes my spot then..
  9. In the WhatsApp group it was mentioned that this is a morning drive on Saturday. Here it says afternoon. Is it morning or afternoon please?
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