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  1. @Frederic i RSVP'd just now. I believe there are people in the waiting list before me. I would imagine there wouldn't be enough for me to join. Can you pls confirm?
  2. @Wrangeld i have just confirmed by clicking the right icon. Please confirm if i have done it right or anything else is required?
  3. Thank you very much guys.. its exciting 😛 @Frederic Understood. Will sort it out before the next drive. Thank you champ.
  4. Hi @Gaurav @Frederic, i drove to join the morning newbie drive in Al Qudra but my tyre got punctured on Al Qudra street and it took me an hour to change tyre. I went on carnity website to find the lead for the drive to inform the delay but my subscription had expired. Iv just returned home and purchased the annual subscription. I messaged Gaurav at 7 and informed the situation. I was sooo excited for the drive this morning. I know rsvp is reached for the evening drive but is there anyway you can help me join the evening newbie drive please?
  5. @Gaurav this is good to hear Gaurav. Cant wait to step on the sand 😄
  6. @Srikumar @Gaurav it seems that we are getting over the hurdle and life will soon become normal. any plans to organise a drive in the near future?
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