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  1. @Davie Chase really enjoyed the drive, you were an amazing lead as always. Your instructions/cautions on steps, push, be cautious etc are really timely and helpful. To the rest of the support team and drivers - Thank You All for your assistance shoveling really enjoyed driving with you, see you on the next one
  2. Sadly need to drop out, see you guys another time . Have fun 👍🏻
  3. Thank You @Gaurav @DP1011 @Davie Chase appreciate the promotion, support, well wishes and looking forward to the learnings ahead @RiadJL Thanks Buddy !
  4. Always a pleasure driving with you @RiadJL and @Wilfredo Perez a wonderful Iftaar and drive indeed. nice to meet you @Ishak, @ahmedfarouk (not sure why your names not picking up) and @Nicolò @JeromeFJ a wonderful plan and excellent lead as always, really enjoyed the drive and meeting JeromeJnr (Eliott) ! @Gaurav Bhai, appreciate the support, assistance and positive words always ! (Thanks for the Chair as well)
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