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  1. @Lorenzo Candelpergher I am really sorry that I can’t attend tomorrow’s drive due to the unexpected work at office.
  2. @Frederic Sorry for the late response. I faced the heating problem on my second drive itself. I fixed the extra cooling fan and did not face heating issue for long time even in summer. But rarely I get the same issue even if the cooling fan is on. However I think the cooling fan will solve the issue. 1) Pajero model (3.5 or 3.8) - 3.5 2) KMs done so far - 170000 3) Has the transmission oil already been replaced ? If so when ? - Yes, Aug 2020 4) Do you drive in tiptronic or normal “D” ? Most of the time I drive in 'D', rarely I use triptronic. 5) Tyre pressure when
  3. @Pancho Sorry, I am not able to join this drive tomorrow. I already left the event.
  4. @Rahimdad Sorry, I cannot attend tomorrow’s event as I have some urgent office work.
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