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  1. @Brette Sorry, I am not able to join this drive. I already left the event.
  2. @Pancho Sorry, I am not able to join this drive tomorrow. I already left the event.
  3. @Rahimdad Sorry, I cannot attend tomorrow’s event as I have some urgent office work.
  4. Sinol


  5. Hi @Rahimdad is it possible to arrange 1 Viking rope and soft shackles set for me. Thank you.
  6. Hi guys, recently I have done front bash/skid plate, rear bumper plate and front bumper trimming. I am just sharing the details. 1. Front bash/skid plate - 900 AED without coating (Including fixing) Contact - Al Jazeera Turning Sharjah (https://g.page/aljazeeraturning?share). @Shiju Manuel also did from same shop. Mob. 0561042267 2. Rear bumper plate - 100 AED (including fixing) Contact - Al Reem Garage Ajman (https://goo.gl/maps/nBbLz5hmdiYw4nEQ9). @Shiju Manuel has already shared this details. Mob - 0505864427 (Raju) 3. Front bumper trimming - 50 AED @Frederic, @Lisa Pemberton, @Dagdag Sofiane we have another option here, do not cut it straight as marked in no.1 in the picture. Instead of that you can cut it like no.2 in the picture. So we can cover all the cables inside and everything is safe. There is a metal clamp behind it and they will cut it and screw there. Contact - Al Reem Garage Ajman (https://goo.gl/maps/nBbLz5hmdiYw4nEQ9). Mob - 0505864427 (Raju)
  7. After fixing the fan I did not face any A/T heat issue so far. I did not try any special oil yet.
  8. @Srikumar Sorry, I am not able to attend this event. I already left the event.
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