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  1. Just saw it now. Congratulations @Gurcharan Mehta, you just need to do it in a manual TJ next
  2. Awesome video. Gives a really good idea of the area and the pace of the drive
  3. This was wicked fun @Looper, small group, solid pace and great driving from @Sunil Mathew and @Ranjan Das in switching around the positions, amazing fresh environment. First part of the drive I spent almost half a tank on power driving, second part really flowed. Loved it!
  4. Wow! What an afternoon. This was an amazing drive, great pace, great area to drive in. Thank you so much @Davie Chase for a great time out!
  5. I am in @Davie Chase and flexible in location of drive if you want to change given size of group
  6. Thanks @JeromeFJ for a great morning out. I had a blast and 2L is always interesting and a bit more focused. Lot of rides I push in 2nd gear - today a bit more also in 1st with different terrain (and quite a few camels). Great driving all and enjoy the rest of your weekends!
  7. @Davie Chase the light bar has already been moved to the bumper!
  8. Live your drives @JeromeFJthabsk for staying in the desert a bit longer. Such a beautiful area and the flow at certain points was just amazing. Having both you and mister @Davie Chasein the convoy and triple suspension @Jonain 2L! What a great set up. Thank you and enjoy the rest of the weekend.
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