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  1. @Ale Vallecchi the briefing with the small demonstration kept us on track and gave much confidence to ha dle the wheels. Once again thank you for the great lessons and the chamce to get into the dunes and the ridges. 😎👍 Will defnitly see you soon..
  2. Hi george, I believe there is alimit for uploading files. If you can share your email or mobile i can share the video. Just confirm which color FJ u have. I habe two videos
  3. @Ale Vallecchi thank you for the adventurous drive lesaons you shared today. Got more confidence with the dunes and ridges ans ofcourse to handle the car.. Loved it 👍👌 The team was great and thanks to @Simon D @Patrick van der Loo @Sinol for the lead and support 😎🤝
  4. @sohinik All the very best and you will definitly mark this day as one of the best when u steer towards the dunes and the rough sands.. 😎🤘👍
  5. Hi Frederic, defnitly i will get it installed before my second drive. Thank you for sharing and great advise 🤝👍
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