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  1. Hey @Emmanuel unfortunately I've hurt my leg and not going to be able to attend the drive tomorrow. Please may you remove me as I can't seem to be able to update the RSVP myself.
  2. @Emmanuel Oh you have added me to the actual drive, amazing, thank you so much. Looking forward to it.
  3. @Rahimdad thanks for an amazing drive but more so for all the helpful advice. Much appreciated. One thing I’ve been thinking since yesterday’s drive; the amount of trash/plastic/rubbish I’m seeing in the desert, particularly in the more popular places is really shocking. I had an idea that I think the group could consider: if on each drive we spent the time waiting on each stuck or refusal to collect and pick up some of the rubbish we could make a big difference. Or pick one spot on each drive to concentrate on as a team for 10-15 mins.
  4. Hey @Frederic thanks for this, however I signed up for one of the early morning drives late last night when I though this was was full and no places were becoming available.
  5. Thanks to Frederic and Luca you guys were amazing and a great help. Was a great first drive
  6. Hey, I have also done an off-road masterclass with Carnity recently and joining my first drive. 1. 2015 Jeep Wrangler Sport 2. Carnity off-road masterclass 3. Yes, front tow hooks recently fitted
  7. Larry Cadden

    Larry Cadden

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