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Summer Off-road Adventures

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  1. Hi @Janarthan, unfortunately i have to withdraw from the drive. Enjoy it 🙂
  2. @Lakshmi Narasimhan obviously too much pressure on the tire wall due to sliding combined with torque. that's the fine line between tire pressure and tire grip on the rim. hope you enjoyed the recovery 😀😀
  3. @Lorenzo Candelpergher, aaah it became too crowded, it is not a couples outing anymore, so i am not coming.😀😀 Something came up, got to be at kids school at 9. Apologies but can't make it.
  4. Hi @Janarthan, i am not feeling well and afraid i will not be focused for the drive. Apologies for the late notice. Hope you enjoy it
  5. @Rahimdad been really enjoying the complex drives above, but missed driving with you, so this will be my relaxed weekend with guaranteed laughter 🙂🙂
  6. John Wayne on his horse at the top of the rock??
  7. Add to that fuel consumption profile, so far all the drives took me to an average of 30-35 liters/100km, yesterday's drives did a record 54liters/100km 🤣🤣🤣
  8. Hahahaa, so it seems this one is a "reporting" drive 😂😂😂. My turn then. @Foxtrot Oscar Definitely one of the most amazing drives i've been in, the adrenalin rush didn't stop. Makes me eager to join one of your drives again. And just to get you to recognize the voice and the craziness, i was the one who brought up Madmax. I guess added some burning metal to the spice of the beats that were being discussed during the drives @Shehab Alawadhi, @Ahab Shamaa It was sad to see @Arman, @Lucky sAm and @asifk leave us, hope your issues are easily sorted guys. @varunmehndirattaThe 3T
  9. @Foxtrot Oscar enjoying going through this thread, i am impressed how you're keeping up with the speed and frequency of people dropping out and changing their mind 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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