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  1. Hi doc @M.SeidamI just reached back from Fred's full day drive. We have driven 150+ km today. Extremely tired and have a stiff back, so I think it is better to sit out tomorrow. Hope you don't mind and will catch up with you on the next one. Have a good one.
  2. Hi Ale @Ale Vallecchi sorry I will have to withdraw. sick from morning and on the way to see doc.
  3. The best approach will be - for on road and off road- is to put the co-ordinate and study the route on the phone before you start out to ensure the route is logical the final location is as expected. If we follow the route without anticipation, there is a good chance to end up in wrong destination. Happened myriad of times, especially with google maps. As @munkybizness mentioned, in India it's a different ball game all together, sure to end up in a ditch.😁
  4. Following this with interest, this year kids has been pestering me to take the top off but a bit apprehensive as I have never done it before. Soft top seems to be good in between.
  5. Apologies Doc @M.Seidam . Something has come up and I will have to excuse myself from tomorrows drive. Hope to catch up with you on the next one. Thanks.
  6. Hi Fred @Frederic I have some unexpected guests coming over and unable to wiggle out. So, I will have to drop out this time. See you on the next one.
  7. Sorry to hear that. Get well soon @Vanessa8580 Hi @GauravSoni I am ok with 6 am start
  8. Congratulations @TT_Dubai. In the end you took the plunge 😀
  9. @Zed you can have the same explanation to wifey for Saturday and Sunday...Different marshals 😝
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