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  1. @Srikumar I am removing my self as my youngest is not well. See you next time.
  2. Sorry to hear this @Hisham Masaad You always been there to help whoever is in need and you will be remembered fondly along with your ‘yalla push’ boards you have generously made for all. Hope to see you in near future somewhere in the desert . Best wishes
  3. @M.Seidam sorry Thursday will be difficult, so i will exit from and see you on next one
  4. Dr Seidam @M.Seidam Is this on Friday or Saturday?. 28th is Friday but the post mentions Saturday
  5. Hi Fred @Frederic I had some urgent work and reached home back just now. Dont think its good idea to head out without any sleep. so will pull out for today. sorry
  6. @Sreenath G congratulations. All I can say is that you will Not regret the decision. Just give special attention to transmission oil and change it earlier than anticipated. 👍
  7. Sorry @Frederic have to pull out. Have been sick and thought will be better by morning but no. See you next time
  8. @Varun Mehndiratta after my son last weekend now it’s my turn to be down with fever. Sorry will not be able to make it tomorrow
  9. @Looper My son is sick and will not be able to join today. Will catch up with you soon.
  10. Hi Doc @M.Seidam it tuned out to be a minor issue with the shifter. Got it back on Sunday itself . See you soon
  11. Congrats @DP1011 Well deserved and well done 👍
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