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  1. Thank you😊 We will continue to learn from you and improve your enjoyable off-road life. I look forward to working with you👍
  2. good morning I made a mistake in the meeting place OMG I can't make it today sorry  Please enjoy everyone
  3. Thank you for your warm celebration. I would like to continue learning happily, so I look forward to working with you.☺️
  4. Good afternoon I will take a rest tomorrow. Thank you again next week. Be careful of the fun Abu Dhabi.
  5. Hi I will be absent today. If you are waiting, please come in instead of me. Thank you again next time. Have a good night dessert
  6. Thank you. I'm sorry 🙏 I wanted to participate normally, but when I tapped to put a message as to whether I could do it, it was managed by Mistake. What is All Level? Can beginners participate?
  7. GOOD morning. Mistake. sorry. I usually want to participate. Is it impossible to participate?
  8. GOOD evning I have selected a course that I cannot take. I am sorry. Please do not go as you will not participate. thank you
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