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  1. with so much anticipation and, i think i'll kidnap @Shehab Alawadhi on Thursday and just camp till the next morning at the spot 🤣 Excited to show you what i've learned about the TJ since our last drive @Wrangeld
  2. I think we had Vipin on the wait list for this or is it too late to update now? O.O @Vanessa8580
  3. Aww yisss!! Congrats man! time to get nice pictures from atop the highest of dunes!
  4. @Asif Hussain Friday was really fun, especially with the big bowls to pay around! I even got to hear my car red line for the first time as we were going around that first dune! The drive was paced very nicely too with soft but quick driving on the way to interesting destinations with some ad hock drifting in a sabka. I really enjoyed your chilled tone too. "Do we have time for some donuts while you eat"...... "sure" you say. Thanks for the pleasant drive @GauravSoni hop you get your car sorted soon and i see you some time again. @mikaeel shaik im still surprised at how well your machine made up the dunes, assume the driver had to be exceptional as well as the car.
  5. okay i know im a little late, apologies for that but it seems i shall be making the AD drive tomorrow so i'll be dropping out of this one, i'll see you on the next one @Chaitanya D
  6. @Chaitanya D i may have to drop out of this drive to make it to the Abu Dhabi one tomorrow, not sure i'll have the energy for two drives in a day and i'd rather not risk cancelling in the last second, i'll be sure to update my RSVP before 6pm.
  7. Hi guys, since i've just got my promotion i'd love to enter this drive but first i need to get my test done, will the sign up remain open till the time i get my test result?
  8. YEEHAAWWW!! thank you very much cant wait to learn some more things from everyone!
  9. Oh wow...that's a lot to digest...uuuh in this case it looks like @Paul Zeitoun is in need of a drive. I'll stick to @Chaitanya D's drive (good driving with you again man, ninja in a tank on the desert) , i dont think Sharjah will disappear any time soon. @Thomas Varghese thanks for trying man but in this I'm thinking that perhaps i'll just pay it forward this time and see you friday afternoon @Shehab Alawadhi I'll see you on the next one *lets go of floating door in the middle of cold ocean* Perhaps i'll get my promotion soon too and shall join you although this level of optimism is unprecedented on my part.
  10. Well im just happy to drive in the desert but i'd have loved to give Sharjah another go considering my trouble last time.
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