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  1. Depends on the car, and tyres, i have bigger tyres on mine than stock and they were rubbing on the inner control arms during a sharp turn (you may not have this issue with your car). The second consideration is that as you raise the car the center or gravity changes, if you get a 2" lift, then a 1" spacer would be how you balance it out (watch out for the wheel travel as it might start impacting your fenders though) Alternatively, you can get new rims with more backspacing or less offset (the popular consensus is that this is better for your driveline in the long run compared you spa
  2. Thanks a bunch for the exciting drive that day @Lorenzo Candelpergher, im glad i was able to confirm all the things i'd learned on my first Intermediate drive! That view from the top of the dune was amazing as well, would love to see if we could spend a night camping at the top, i can imagine it'd be a beautiful sight to wake up to, lets hope winter treats us well, @Shehab Alawadhi and I will prepare some great meat to eat along with some singing. I'm still looking through the dash cam footage but im sure i can find us a nice clip to post (At least shots of @Lorenzo Candelpergher, @
  3. Ironman 4X4 are an Aussie brand and it seems they've got a really good reputation in Australia where they really LOVE Japanese 4x4 cars especially Pajeros, Patrols, LC and Tacomas. And since the terrain is very similar i would think they'd do fine here. Having a local dealer also means that warranties and maintenance are much cheaper than getting other US parts.
  4. Here is my somewhat biased experience: i've done most of the spending on my car to solves current or potential problems, i think it makes sense....kinda like surgery on a human being right?.....my OEM shocks were 16 years old and despite them still being good enough for daily use they really werent doing much work offroad, especially over bumpy tracks where i would lose a lot of speed due to the wheels spending more time in the air than on the ground. There was also the issue of tyre rub on the fenders when crisscrossing. Having added that 2inch lift now, the ride is definitely less comfo
  5. Thanks @Niki Patel and @Luca Palanca Falsini Was quite a nice drive and driving behind big car definitely reminds me of my first drives with @Shehab Alawadhi Im also quite impressed with @Watteau's pedal control! watching you from behind was spectacular!
  6. @Wrangeld i have great news! I awake safely in my bed this morning, thanks to @Thomas Varghese for his help with the tow truck as well as negotiations Thanks @Jeepie for your generous sacrifice, i'll be sure to pay it both forwards and back. And @Watteau for your excellent choice in jacks. @Alexander Alcala thanks for helping save time filling the tyre constantly lots of people to thank here damn! As for the drive, it was a great experience to drive at night, got to see some interesting track and even got to pick up quite a bit of speed here and there, plus many less
  7. Lul @Shehab Alawadhi im back to being right behind you, i shall have to compare this to our first drive together.😂
  8. Wait...w're competing for those now? I want 2nd lead duties then! Small car power!
  9. I AM BACK!! Sway bar links came in early so assuming i find time to install them by Friday morning i shall see you all that evening! I have offroad lights but still wrestling with some High Beam (low beams working fine though) electrical issues on the car that im waiting for some parts for, will i be alright to come anyway @Wrangeld? I'm thinking that i can point the spot lights on the car just past the low beam line which is quite high anyway since the car is tall.
  10. This interesting....since TJ's make 70% of their power below the 3k rpm mark, I think the Turbo might bridge the gap to 5.4k rpm....and you'd be saving money on the part of the torque curve where the extra power isnt really needed (since super chargers are more expensive). Pretty sure the love one has for turbo hot hatches is a universal feeling. it might even be illegal to dislike a hot hatch.
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