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  1. Morning @Shaaz Sha quick inspection has revealed a nasty sound coming from my rear axle.... Going to have to sit this one out unfortunately.
  2. Hi @Shaaz Sha apologies for the late withdrawl, i've taken myself off the drive, hope to see you on the next one.
  3. Morning @Wrangeld my car is having some trouble starting this morning, not going to be able to make it unfortunately.
  4. I suspect your upper control arm may have too much up travel (im assuming from this picture that it swung up into the frame), if you've had a lift done on the car it may be the case that (as in most cases) longer bump stops may not have been installed, the method to determine this is fairly simple, you measure the distance from the control arm to the frame as well as the length of exposed piston rod on the shock, then the gap from the bottom of the bump stock to wherever it's meant to make contact with, if the gap there is larger than either of the former two measurements then you might want to consider longer bump stops (note...this method isnt 100% accurate...but it's free if you already own a tape measure) Many assumptions aside, hope you're back in the desert soon again
  5. Hi @Gaurav thank you very much for the make up drive! unfortunately i cant make it as i've basically spent most of my car hobby budget for the month, besides it looks like the Jeep is going to need to have her transmission taken a look at for her 220,000km birthday Have fund guys! looking forward to the pictures.
  6. @Lorenzo Candelpergher apologies for the last minute news but it seems i have to drop out as i've just snapped my sway bar link bracket off the axel 🤣
  7. Good luck with your family emergency! And thanks for assistance in finding alternative drives
  8. I've got a friend in a jeep club I'm in that exclusively drives in 4L (except he's got a manual), he's been doing it for years now and has had no issues but believes that some of that may be due to the manual gear box as he seldom shifts below 3rd gear when in 4L ( lower gears in TJ are geared super low and you'd have to shift very early in 4L). You lose top speed in 4L because you're doing a severe gear reduction (in a tj it's something like 11:1) so you're getting 11x more torque for 11x less speed approximately...... (correction to this number here, in first gear and 4L the Auto TJs are geared 6:1 and the Manuals are geared 10:1) I may try this with my TJ on an upcoming climb focused drive, not sure how she'll deal with speed though as the 4 speed auto gearbox is limited at the top end.
  9. FINALLY!! back in Sweihan after almost a year, been wishing to visit here again for ages see you all soon.
  10. Depends I guess..... In general though, given the cage is properly bolted to the frame and padded, but at this point you might as well take the windshield off and drive with goggles and full race gear on, if you need this cage then you must be doing something extreme right? Besides I think it really depends on whether you have a body on frame or unibody chassis, this rollcage makes sense in an off road only jeep wrangle but not so much in a Grand Cherokee that you take your kids to school in. Image is a jeep meant to do be doing 120kmh over Rocky terrain in King Of The Hammers. Not street legal anymore.
  11. Hi @Brette, im looking to practice being in support roles before applying this winter, hope you'll take me on for one of those :D
  12. 😱 i got it wrong?! I didn't see the TCM module that usually gets installed in Automatic TJs so i thought it was an MT...my bad i must've not been paying attention when i looked under the hood of your car 😕
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