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  1. Depends I guess..... In general though, given the cage is properly bolted to the frame and padded, but at this point you might as well take the windshield off and drive with goggles and full race gear on, if you need this cage then you must be doing something extreme right? Besides I think it really depends on whether you have a body on frame or unibody chassis, this rollcage makes sense in an off road only jeep wrangle but not so much in a Grand Cherokee that you take your kids to school in. Image is a jeep meant to do be doing 120kmh over Rocky terrain in King Of The Hammers. Not
  2. Hi @Brette, im looking to practice being in support roles before applying this winter, hope you'll take me on for one of those :D
  3. 😱 i got it wrong?! I didn't see the TCM module that usually gets installed in Automatic TJs so i thought it was an MT...my bad i must've not been paying attention when i looked under the hood of your car 😕
  4. Looked like a fun drive that slowly ramped up in intensity as everyone got more comfortable with their cars, was nice to see @Rory Ashman get into a good rhythm after a couple stucks at the beginning, it might be worth a try to drive with some of the manual car owners in carnity although they are sparce like @Srikumar and @Jeepie, im sure they'll have some great insights about driving stick in the desert, particularly around trying not to burn your clutch as that's a very common issue here. I was MEGA excited about that popped out 🤣 the moment i felt the distinct rumbling and pull of a po
  5. It was a beautiful location you picked @Lorenzo Candelpergher and @Ale Vallecchi with plenty of challenging dunes that force you to improve your driving on the fly. There were great views between the undulating dunes with strange shapes that constantly demanded your attention and plenty of variation in the types of dunes we encountered, i was pretty impressed with our guys in the back as i drove along the virgin sand knowing that 10 cars down the line it would be a much different terrain to navigate, good stuff guys! Hope to see you all soon once again!
  6. Hey man thanks! I've already got the service manual for my 05 and parts list printed out hehehe, there's another Garage in DIP called U-Fix-It that i rent a lift in every few weeks if i dont get a chance to work on it with my TJ buds on the weekends. I think i'll start a mini TJ maintenance post here with all this stuff put in there when time and life allows.
  7. I can imagine that it's a matter of profitability, the risk of spending an hour to look for a 5 minute definite solution that costs nothing to fix is a is outweighed by the alternative AED3000 solution that works in 30mins and probably solves the problem. Im actually experimenting with garages now, since my car is a daily i do about 25.000-30.000 km a year so i have very regular maintenance visits. I've found that specialized garages tend to be more likely to fall victim to this practice, perhaps because they possible pool of customers is lower than a general garage so they're prices have
  8. Exactly, just like in medicine, maintenance is always better than treatment, if you're able to do an inspection on all the common maintenance items on your car then you could predict possible major problems in the future as well as prevent the minor ones. Some 4x4 cars have greasable joints similar to farm trucks an other metal on metal contact equipment which with some very affordable tools can extend the life of a part exponentially. Perhaps a forum post with information on maintenance checks that you can perform yourself on popular cars in the club like JK wranglers and Pajeros, a
  9. Prelude: When i bought my car back in October 2020 a combination of trust in professionals and a lack of knowledge and time led me to sign a third party service contract for my car along with (at least internally) committing to going to said garage for all my repairs and the such. Over the past couple months i've been quite disappointed with my experiences as prices were very high and as time went on kept feeling like i couldnt trust the work being done or if the work i was asking for was being done at all. This has culminated in a recent visit to my garage of choice where i presente
  10. Depends on the car, and tyres, i have bigger tyres on mine than stock and they were rubbing on the inner control arms during a sharp turn (you may not have this issue with your car). The second consideration is that as you raise the car the center or gravity changes, if you get a 2" lift, then a 1" spacer would be how you balance it out (watch out for the wheel travel as it might start impacting your fenders though) Alternatively, you can get new rims with more backspacing or less offset (the popular consensus is that this is better for your driveline in the long run compared you spa
  11. Thanks a bunch for the exciting drive that day @Lorenzo Candelpergher, im glad i was able to confirm all the things i'd learned on my first Intermediate drive! That view from the top of the dune was amazing as well, would love to see if we could spend a night camping at the top, i can imagine it'd be a beautiful sight to wake up to, lets hope winter treats us well, @Shehab Alawadhi and I will prepare some great meat to eat along with some singing. I'm still looking through the dash cam footage but im sure i can find us a nice clip to post (At least shots of @Lorenzo Candelpergher, @
  12. Ironman 4X4 are an Aussie brand and it seems they've got a really good reputation in Australia where they really LOVE Japanese 4x4 cars especially Pajeros, Patrols, LC and Tacomas. And since the terrain is very similar i would think they'd do fine here. Having a local dealer also means that warranties and maintenance are much cheaper than getting other US parts.
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