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  1. Hii friends Good morning, sorry I am leaving this drive, due to festival. Will catch up on next. Wishing Happy Pongal
  2. @Rahimdad thank you for your moral support in this essay of words. I believe that Carnitian’s not go through sudden growth. We grow through regular practice and learning. Therefore as claimed by @Rahimdad “sudden growth” is not that, actually I had been trained over last 4 drives ( practical training) with Carnity ( @Gaurav @Ale Vallecchi and yourself ). Above that I had viewed all the (off road mistakes ) videos that is in this website and absorbed what to avoid and what to use as a safe technique to drive as much possible by my baby(4cylinder fortuner). Also I use to watch how my similar car 4 cylinder move over the dunes in YouTube . So all that theoretical knowledge and partial implementation worked out, which showed up on my second drive with [email protected] All the credit goes to Carnity legends . I take this opportunity to wish you all very Happy New Year 2021 in advance and play safe😎. Cheers
  3. @Rahimdad you are amazing bro, all it happened due to your motivation and guidance over the radio. It was my first drive with you. Had amazing time/drive. Great. A940146B-DCE6-4149-83C5-81E90F93DB59.MOV
  4. Hi @Gaurav Ji , Hope you have already pitched the tent by now👍
  5. Hi, By now you would have half as sleep and ready with alarm to wake up at 2am and head to Ghantoot to spent some time for entry to ABD and then 4 hr drive to spot. As advised In the drive loop that good/adequate rest is must before the adventure liwa drive which you can enjoy/concentrate/safe drive on the empty quarter . All the best guys and safe drive
  6. Hi Sri yes I have already completed 2 drives and 27th will complete 3rd drive. But it’s my bad luck that i could not join the dream LIWA drive on that dates. As I have some documents in process which is expected only after holidays. Therefore I request you to kindly remove me from the drive list. Thank you and appreciate your effort 👍 with heavy heart 😔 Sree
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