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  1. @Brette I removed my self from morning drive and apply for waiting list on @Wrangeld class.
  2. Hi Emmanuel, I will remove my self from Morning drive and will join you in this drive.
  3. @Wrangeld please add me to waiting list in case someone cancelled. I was late few minutes to register.
  4. @Ale Vallecchi thank you for excellence guide provided to handle recovery without shovel. This experience gave me great convident to tackle such difficult situation calmly in the future. Your passion and very directive guide and support highly appreciate. Thank you also for @Niki Patel and @Jeepie for great job and all participant for support and collaboration. Look forward to have another trip with you all..
  5. Echoing Thomas, the afternoon trip was really enjoyable, challenging and the most importance is really safe. Special thanks for excellence lead and guide by @Chaitanya D and supported by @AlexPol, @Anish S & @Mahmoud Hamzawy
  6. @ Rahimdad/Chaitanya I removed from Fred tomorrow morning trip as seem many absolutely newbie enrolled. Can you shift me to your trip ? Best Regards Dodi Hendra
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