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  1. @Foxtrot Oscar no problem, Exactly… everyone left us soup & porriage at the back 😄… but great learning..
  2. @Foxtrot Oscar but you forgot me in your report..I’m hiding in the back … I understand the convoy was too long 😀😀😀
  3. @Foxtrot Oscar Thank you for challenging and wonderful drive… Follow the covoy from the back, I learnt a lot how to handle truck in the deep and soft sand and manage between momentum and power. Look forward to have another great trip with you.. Thank also for @Shehab Alawadhi @Alexander Alcala & @Arman for your great support to the convoy..
  4. I used to drive my mitsubishi montero in some carnity trip a while ago, can I drive my mitsubishi montero ?
  5. @Lorenzo Candelpergher I can find vehicle to join the trip and please include me again.. sorry for back and forth on this..
  6. @Lorenzo Candelpergher I’m sorry I could not join this drive as my car had radiator leak and currently under repair.
  7. @Lorenzo Candelpergher As this extreme drive got cancelled, can we have intermediate drive instead ? There is one intermediate drive at night 4 June with @Chaitanya D but I still prefer to have morning drive if available.
  8. @Lorenzo Candelpergher You are absolutely right , everytime We join your drive We learnt many new things. The most significant lesson today was how to maintain balance between speed, power and control in nasty passage and soft ground.. Look forward to learn new things in another drive.. @Ale Vallecchi , thanks to lead by example on how to be excellent SW. You always available in every technical issue we faced. @All, great to meet you all, with our great team work, the difficult terrain become so easy and all of us drive well today. Look forward to meet you in the future intermediate/extre
  9. @Lorenzo CandelpergherAs usual, your lead always make me learn many new technique as well as get more confidence as the result of challenging route selected by you.. look forward to meet you again tomorrow. @all, great to meet you again in this trip, really enjoy the drive with you all.
  10. Hi @Russ, @Alain Canivet-Abikhalil, @Nathan Evans, @TT_Dubai, @Chinthaka Ruwan, @Bernd Stucke, @Dodi Syahdar, @Rob H, @Luca Palanca Falsini, @Mehmet Volga, I just uploaded some great pictures in the gallery. I hope you enjoy it.
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