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  1. Those photos are awesome, baked goods on the bonnet is the next photography masterclass
  2. @Lorenzo Candelpergheram I too late to join? I have RSVP'd just I case let me know if it’s a problem. Thanks
  3. Today was a perfect day ( last one I promise), open flowing drive, not too hot, a real mixed convoy, now I see the benefit of mixed convoys, I really enjoy helping out and learning and if possible sharing some knowledge, I learnt today all about Mitsubishi relays and how to get the most out of the Pajero before resorting to external forces. Invaluable. Our good friends Momentum and Commitment were also coming out to play and by the closing stages were in full effect and performing well. We have to remember that what we do is not necessarily natural, our motto of not fighting gravity can be cou
  4. The mind boggles. I'm not going to one one of those special parties again am I? Appropriate device is giving me a lot of scope. Can the device be digital or must be analogue? So up for this apart from the dressing up. I only do that on the last Tuesday of the month.
  5. Great news @Dodi Syahdar well done, another Raptor in the inters.
  6. It was great fun, thanks everyone, I think it was luck that I found it, but won't do any harm to my karma quota
  7. @Shehab Alawadhiyou’ve got me started, The F150 I think, is the world's most popular truck, selling over 2,000 trucks per day, the suspension options are limitless. My issue is warranty, we don't have any real legal precedent here in the UAE on proving whether a component change was directly responsible for a failure on something on the truck, whereas in the USA, the onus is on the dealer and brand to prove that your modification caused the failure (Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act). I think you have the same 3-5 year warranty I have on the Raptor, and I have been told that any changes to the suspen
  8. Very kind words @Wrangeld Richard Thank you. Will keep on pushing and learning. Bake off in the desert is next. See you soon. Thanks again
  9. Thanks @Gaurav, thanks to all the Leaders and my fellow drivers for their advice and input, onwards and upwards. See you all soon.
  10. @Arman whoop whoop, you got it man, well done and exceptionally well deserved, see you soon
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