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  1. Hi @Benjamin, I was driving non-lifted for a long time, but what I did when I had the chance to. I was changing to rubicon springs and shocks. Which is a very cost efficient option to get a 0.5 inch lift and a better ride quality and you can achieve another inch or half an inch because you can then go with 32,5 inch tires, 33 is not possible because they will rub if you don't change to high top fenders. You can get it quite cheap as take outs in the garages or at dubizzle, I don't remember what I paid but it was close to just the working hours for installation. Meanwhile I am lifted again by 2,5 inch but I agree that you will get the best result if you know exactly what you want I was choosing each part and my shocks were re-built to the softness I wanted to have. Take your time I bet you will feel when you need / want it. For me the trigger was a ride in Badayer where I was struggling a lot compared to others during uneven climbs and washboards (it was not a Carnity ride). But again I agree with everybody that it is not a must. If we have a ride together you can go for a test round if you want to. Regards, Felix
  2. Hi @Jessica Lambert, I think the general conditions and the route we were taking, with a lot of side slips was actually contributing to the danger of getting a pop-out. As said after the drive you were driving amazing and you got the maximum out of your set up. If we would have changed cars I would have had more pop-outs for sure and I promise, you would not have managed a single one with my Jeep. I doubt that you need beadlocks. I think optionally wider rims but proper AT Tyres will do the job as well! @Tom B, @Rob S you probably have a recommendation for Jessica! @Islam Soliman thank you again for your trust making me the second lead. It was a great Sunday with adventures conditions and a lot of nice surprises of Mother Nature. Looking forward to the next drives! @the group! it was a very short convoy. Nevertheless the pace and the teamwork was outstanding. Have a great week ahead see you soon in the sand! Felix
  3. 😂😂😂 Let’s add the line - give us your key and we will test it for you first!!! Would love try it at least and prove the statement! Have a great week and you were driving very well on Saturday 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  4. Seems to be a general issue with red lambos! Well done @Benjamin
  5. Congrats @Vaibhav and thank you in advance for your support on future drives!!!
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