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  1. @Islam Solimanmaybe these show a bit more how nasty it was!
  2. Kudos to@MMansoorto drag our wounded comrade out of the battlefield. Once we were back to our safe house(ad noc Station) I saw an opportunity to inflate using the house services. Soon I realized that it's easier to use one's own resources to inflate rather than depend on the ad noc services. While I was almost done inflating, I saw @Islam Solimanwalking over and one of the first things he said to me was thank you for your patience. His comment caught me off guard a bit, as I always have been in awe of his patience and calm demeanour. In my haste, under my breath, I said; I'm only following your example. It's been an amazing drive today. It was truly an exploration! I got to see one of the most awkward angles to get recovered from and one of the most twisted pop outs as well! We also got to witness Davie's one of a kind jack in action while giving a cat (read jackal) a ceromonial burial. For me it was mostly a different group of amazing people on the drive today, apart from a few that I have had the pleasure to drive with before. @Wernothanks for your second lead and @munkybiznessfor the sweep. I look forward to driving with each one of you again! Cheers
  3. Hi @Shaaz ShaThank you so much for the amazing drive! I really enjoyed my first drive under your command. I liked the long hill climbs and the last technical climb before we ended the drive. This was my tenth intermediate drive and I feel i have come a long way! Thank you @JeromeFJand @marksfor your help throughout the drive. Thank you to the rest of the drive members and see you soon!
  4. Hi @Hisham MasaadI'm not sure how well they can cope with desert driving and not sure if they have motion sickness. Therefore to avoid delays for the convoy I'll remove myself from the drive. Have a great drive!
  5. Hi @Hisham Masaadlooking forward to the drive. My family is visiting and so will bring them along as well.
  6. What an amazing drive! Thank you @Islam Soliman @JeromeFJand the rest of the convoy. I liked the convoy order as it allowed me to be the second lead, this was only my second time doing that. Being at the back usually doesn't give you many chances to practice tugs, can you imagine I did a tug for the first time today eventhough this was my ninth intermediate drive. Therefore, I particularly enjoyed this drive.
  7. Haha the "stockiest" y62 around! Probably not the right thing to do! But it has gotten me quite far. I've had no issues so far, I just try to be careful coming down from dunes and watch my speed while doing so. Thank you @Foxtrot Oscarfor an amazing drive. Probably one of the fastest ones I've had so far. Thank you to @Russ @Arman @Looper and the rest of the convoy as well. Looking forward to driving with you all soon!
  8. Thank you @Ale Vallecchifor yet another amazing drive and playlist I had just returned from Pakistan and was planning on joining a drive next weekend when I saw that I just maybe able to get a spot in Ale's convoy. I got lucky and was able to join. I really liked how the convoy kept moving like a tight pack. I also enjoyed the sweep position. Looking forward to more drives with all of you!
  9. Hi @Ale Vallecchisorry this is last minute but I'd love to join if it's not an inconvenience.
  10. I'm also a patrol user and I drove it stock until the intermediate level and I love it. If your budget allows, having a dedicated off-road vehicle might be better. In my case it was not possible. I trimmed the rear bumper, got 18inch rims so far. Still need the bash plate though.
  11. Would have loved to join but unfortunately not in the country, will definitely join the next one
  12. Hi @GauravI'm afraid I don't have any footage, was planning on buying a gopro but didn't end up getting it.
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