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  1. Reall sorry @M.Seidami am running 15 minutes late. So it’s better I cancel than holding up the convoy. Got delayed leaving from work.
  2. Really sorry. I will have to pull out of this drive. Overheating issues with my car this morning.
  3. @Ale Vallecchisorry to leave the drive so late. I am hoping someone will be able to take my place. Have come down with a flu and I can’t make it tomorrow.
  4. Thank you @Ale Vallecchifor a fun mid week drive! It was good meeting everyone and looking forward to seeing you out in the dunes again! Thank you @Jessica Lambert and @Pacific for helping keeping things moving along. Managed to get only a quick couple of snaps during the drive which I have attached below.
  5. 4W only engaged when in 4L. When I was in 4H it was still rear wheel only. I have bead locks so I went down all the way to 6psi to keep up not knowing the root problem is 4W is not engaged. Definitely not safe to drive in 2 wheel drive. Glad I’ve learnt a lesson without running into any bad luck.
  6. Yes I was in 2WD for that one. I couldn’t figure out why I was struggling for that drive and a few before that one. That also explains why I couldn’t switch on the diff locks. Anyway, it’s all sorted out now and my Al Qudra drive with you felt so much smoother.
  7. I got an OBD installed and i didn’t realized it killed my 4WD. I drove 5 to 7 drives in rear wheel drive only. I was struggling for traction but completed all the drives with maybe 1 stuck and 1 refusal. I thought I was too aggressive on the gas pedal. Turns out my 4wd was never engaged. You can get away with quite a bit in a Jeep!
  8. Driving on 4wd drive part time will keep your traction control off when switching between 4H and 4L. Also you’ll notice much better traction and a lot less fish tailing compared to 4H full time. 4H part time is basically centre diff lock on so 50% power to the front wheel and 50% to the rear.
  9. @Gary F sounds like you’re driving on 4wd “auto” because you’re switching to 4wd part-time and then 4L. Whereas you should be on 4wd part-time for desert drives.
  10. @Varun Mehndirattathanks for the fun drive! Looking forward to the next one with you. @Karthik Raptorand @Tharun Kumar Vthanks for the support and keeping everyone moving.
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