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  1. Hi @JeromeFJ I'm typing here on behalf of @Trekado Unfortunately he won't be able to join the drive because of technical issues in his vehicle Please remove him from this drive
  2. I'm planning to change my FJ tires in the next few days Now I'm driving my FJ with Bridgestone Dueler HT So I need to know which tires is performing well as per your experience
  3. Hi @GauravSoni Unfortunately, I won't be able to join this drive as my car is still in the service center 😞 It seems like my car still not ready for the new adventure. 😅 See you soon in the sand
  4. Hi @Ale Vallecchi Unfortunately, I won't be able to join this drive as my car is still in the service center 😞 See you next week in the sand.
  5. @Gaurav Thank you for giving me the chance to learn and discover more. It's my pleasure driving with @Carnity and learn from the experts. I'll keep trying to develop me skills. Special Thanks to All Marshal for their guidance and valuable advices.
  6. You will never stop learning because desert never stops teaching Every drive is a chance to learn something new, it doesn't matter which level it is. I joined the Newbie drive today and in my mind it will be an easy chilling and relaxing drive, then @Gaurav threw the bomb in my pocket and decided to make me his second lead , which means I won't enjoy watching the Convoy crossing the Dunes, But the biggest advantage is that I'll have another chance to watch the leader and learn how to read the Dunes and how choose the best crossing points. The surprise when i got refusal on a very small dune and when i see my self and other fewbie and fewbie plus drivers sloping and struggling on a very easy dunes The reason why as our boss said "Because the older drivers getting over confident" 😀😀 So my decisions after today's experiment is i should join lower levels drives at least once a month to keep learning and to be more confident on all off road drives Thank you @Gaurav for this chance to learn, and for guidance and support, i really learned a lot from you. Thank you @Anish S for always stepping up and helping the Convoy in every single situation, and @Morshedi for sweeping the Convoy and keeping eye on every driver. @Luke Johnson & @Thejas Uthran it was amazing seeing you in my mirrors crossing the Dunes And thanks for everybody else, i didn't get the chance to drive closely enough with you but you did it guys 👍👍 Thank you all, see you all again on the sand 🌵
  7. what a great news 🤩 Very well deserved @Waqas Parvez 👏👏
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