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  1. I am also sorry. Need to pull out from this drive because mine 4 low gear not engaging. Tried to repair. But mine workshop was closed today.
  2. Hi @Hisham Masaad I am dropping down tomorrows drive due to some personal reasons. See you all soon later
  3. @Gaurav Soni I will reconsider First I thought I will camp in morning drive meeting point after night drive. But as you mentioned this night drive may be more challenging for me because this is the first complete night drive which I signed up and I don't have additional lights also. So I planning to leave the Saturday morning drive.
  4. Sorry I have to drop out from the drive due to some unavoidable situation. Sorry for informing late
  5. I also would like to join this drive. But not sure about when I can finish tomorrow’s work.So I am adding me in waiting list.
  6. @Mehmet Volga Really sorry. I also have to withdraw. My tire got some issues and I cannot reach there at time.
  7. Me doing from Zenith washing center Al Quoz. They will not do vaccum, just pressurized air. SUV full wash 45 Aed and accept card also Cannot say very good but OK
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