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  1. @Anish S Thank you very much for the wonderful and flawless smooth drive. Would like to resonate @Chaitanya D about your new role and getting into the skin of it , wonderful . Congratulations. Also thank you @Chaitanya D and @Malachy McGrogan to keep centre and the tail going. Have a great day guys.
  2. @Nabil Bishara you did a good job...thanks @Tbone @Janarthan and @Javier Lucero for amazing drive with fantastic weather. @Batuhan Kulac good to see dear. hope to see you soon.
  3. @Kailas for the fun filled drive...taking away fears of criss crossing and ridging... And yes it was a pop out, timely identified, thanks all great guys for helping me out. After reaching tarmac , I experienced wobbling, couldn't think anything and fortunately had @Chaitanya Dnumber. He pretty well told me pretty well before I could say about pop out. Drove slowly to home. But after 20 km. That wobbling just vanished and again I was cruising 90to100km. Closer inspection nothing wrong with tie rod, or the link,or the ...but the bracket for my steering stabilizer is worn off. Needs re
  4. Many happy returns of the day @Gaurav
  5. @Kailas thank you for the beautiful drive...it was lovely as got love for night, love for desert, and started also from love lake 😜😜. Though it had been bit unfortunate for @Hardik Mody and @Ahab Shamaa but safety first. Enjoyed the recoveries. Kudos to the crew for excellent management. See you again.
  6. @Chaitanya D thank you very much the wonderful drive in night. Thanks especially for praising my lights..I couldn't thank you that time. Have a great day.
  7. @Lorenzo Candelpergher sorry i wouldn't be joining tomorrow. Joined for night drive today. Hope to see you some other day. Guys have fun and be safe.
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