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  1. Well promised sunset by Angela
  2. As we are moto enthusiasts @WrangeldI believe even minor change we bring to our toys excites us. You got big change bringing the joy of new drive. I saw the real excitement in your eyes. Happy for you. The red color of Mitsubishi logo on wheels is killer.👏👏 Of course the sand was way softer than ever expected, though enjoyed it thoroughly considering the technical aspects.
  3. Congratulations @JeromeFJ....great going my friend.
  4. @Islam Soliman @Nabil Bishara @Mario Cornejo for go tech drive, tech in true sense. Enjoyed it to fullest. Learned to control the rpm n maneuvering. Few refusal as expected, one stuck ,excellent winching job. All have great weekend.
  5. Hi @Islam Soliman...I got reentry. After my exit. Good to see you soon.
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