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  1. Thank you @Frederic and the rest of the convoy for your patience while we changed out my blown tire. I never wanted to be “that driver” who takes precious desert driving time away from other Carnity members. My apologies for the delay. Thank you to all who assisted with the change. The big board, 2 ton jack, and shoveling assistance is appreciated. What would a person do in soft sand? We would have LOVED to continue as my daughter and her friend were on their first desert drive and having a blast. Just couldn’t risk it with no spare tire. My wife’s bank account is now 2000 aed ligh
  2. Hi Fred! Thanks for extending the offer! Count me in! Will be nice to see you again!
  3. Hi Niki. Sorry so late getting back to you. Your post is very helpful to me. I am most likely going to try and troubleshoot the suspension leak by pulling a fuse. Like you said, there are some old forums on the web that discuss the procedure. If I can isolate the problem, then I can at least tell the garage where to start. It also might make me sound like I know what I am talking about and not get taken advantage of. Hoping it is only a line leak 🤞🏻 Your summary is spot on. If I pay for repairs then drive in the desert, I risk the money I just put into it. Will have to check Dubizzle f
  4. Thank you gentlemen. I appreciate the candid feedback. May just convert to springs…. It’s a love/hate (well, mostly hate lately) relationship. Trying to keep it alive until we sell it when we leave next year. I know Rahimdad had one at one time and wishes he wouldn’t have sold it. Maybe I can give him mine🤣. If anyone else wants to chime in on the garage suggestion feel free. Thank you again!
  5. Dear Fellow CARNITY Members, I need some help as I own an 2008 Land Rover LR3 that needs some air suspension and air conditioner diagnosis and repair. I see there are some garages on the CARNITY website that service Land Rovers and was wondering if anyone has any personal experience or recommendations about them. If you have owned one of these mechanical nightmares and had a shop that took care of you at a fair price, I would surely appreciate the tip. Being it is older and really not worth that much on the open market, I am hoping to not stick to many thousand dirhams into it. Just loo
  6. Hello @Emmanuel. Unfortunately I need to cancel my drive fir this Friday. I have situations where my family needs the car for a more urgent purpose. Looks like you have some waitlisted people looking to go. Thank you
  7. Hello Frederic. I would like to get on the wait list if possible. Thank you ! Roger Kohls
  8. Hi Christopher. You can have my spot in line on the wait list. We are moving this week, and if I miss that is cool. Good luck getting in.
  9. Hello Brett’s, I know it will be a stretch, but please put me down on the waitlist fete TT and Rjducos. Thank you! I meant after TT and Rjducos. Oops!
  10. Have to agree with @Chinthaka Ruwan and @Lakshmi Narasimhan regarding today's drive. Started out a little rough, but our great team members chose to make it an awesome day!. Many thanks to @Rahimdad, @Ranjan Pattanaik(second lead and chief leak stopper), and @Tbonefor guiding us up fossil rock and down the other side. Hoping that @Rahimdad and @TT_Dubaidon't have too expensive repairs on their rides. Can't say enough positive things about everyone in the convoy today! Such fantastic personalities and willingness to help when the chips were down. So great to see everyone caring abou
  11. Thank you @Rahimdad and the fellow team leads for taking us on a wonderful journey today. It was beautiful watching the sun come up as we weaved our way through the dunes. My LR3 was definitely challenged in the second part of the drive and it was good to be humbled a little after having so few incidents on my previous drives. I have a lot of learning to do, and welcome the advice by all. Lastly, it was my wife's first desert drive and she had a great time. Thank you for making her feel welcome! Have great week!
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