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  1. @GauravBhai awesome bossss..! great Vdo of all time.
  2. Family outing with BBQ


    That's great. @skumar83 i will reach there by my own. hence i have lots stuff with me. Cee you then. 😎
  3. Family outing with BBQ


    @RahimdadBhai what i mean is! do i need a 4X4 to reach there ? or My Accord can go through ? I don't wanna bother anyone, that's absolutely fine with me. i will join on next drive. 😎
  4. Family outing with BBQ


    @RahimdadBhai i really wanted to join to show my BBQ skill atleast. 😉 But unfortunately don't have a 4X4 right now to join you in the desert. I actually known as BBQ expert in my family. Let me know bro if someone having an space. I can bring will BBQ chicken, Paratha, Stuff needed for BBQ, Grill and charcoal if needed.
  5. @GauravBhai i have few only 🙈. im attaching what i have.
  6. What an awesome pics ... Cant wait to see the video ..😎
  7. @GauravBhai awesome pics boss !!! 👍👍
  8. that's awesome ... @GauravBhai
  9. Well noted @GauravBhai. 👍
  10. Honda accord..Power steering pump leakage

    guyz. i was also having a same issue 3 years back , i have Honda Accord 2010. whn i came to know that, i rushed almost everywhere even in Honda Service they said, approx cost will be around 5000. i found one guy in shj ind area 15, main road just nearby Khan sahab building. he advise me to change the power steering pump with new accord model but same shape. so i he fitted 2013 model accord American accord and sinc now i have no issue, no leakage nothing. and it's cost me just 950 with steering pump+labour charge 😎😎
  11. woww !! thats amazing @GauravBhai. looking forward to see you guyz. excitement level is on top gear. 😎