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Summer Off-road Adventures

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  1. Hey @Wrangeld - @Jeepie - @Alexander Alcala, thanks for the great drive (really increase my dopamine level - still smiling!). Learned a lot, especially “why I should drive a non-electronic car Hope to catch up for the new drives ! (I will add some videos and photos if it is ok for everyone)
  2. Hi @Wrangeld, thanks for the warm welcome My answers are very simple : Vehicle (and if modified in any way): 2019 New Discovery, black, no modifications (even no tools like deflator - I will buy all the staff tomorrow from ACE. One question: do we need radio? If yes, is it something standard or is there a specific model? Experience off road (if any) : Completely newbie.. All my desert experience is barbecuing (thanks to @Mehmet Volga What it is that you want to be able to do with your off road car (e.g. climb moreeb, go on family picnic
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