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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021


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  1. Great idea - Orienteering around the desert what a perfect way to send a Friday !!!
  2. Thank you all for the congratulations, been a amazing ride and learning process
  3. @Gilbert Khalil Congratulations!!! see you in the sand soon Need to send you the details of the TRD kits
  4. The Ace in Festival City has the Campingaz CP250 Cartridges
  5. See you all tomorrow morning, looking forward to get into the sand again 🙂
  6. @Luca Palanca Falsini thank you for an eventful drive that was full of incidents but also a great experience for us all. @Damien Ranjit hope that your car didn't suffer too much from the rad issues
  7. @Mehmet Volga I'm going to have to pull out of the drive on Friday due to a family commitment. I hope you have fun in the sand and see you next time
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