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  1. Definitely a fun drive with great support from @Tbone and @Janarthan that made it possible. Along with the support from @TT_Dubai that mare my first Fewbie drive very memorable and looking forward to the next one !!!
  2. Thanks for everyone's congratulations. Looking forward to continuing to learn and face new challenges and driving something unusual in the dunes
  3. Never had an issue with RSA on a claim where the agency ended up changing the engine, cooling system and front bumpers which wasn't cheap for a range rover Only issue was that they wouldnt renew the coverage when it came up for renewal.
  4. I can't comment on the design of the X-terra tow hook design, but from the above looks, it is a weak design. I would question the quality of the welding performed on the bolt. Looking at the photos, there are only a few points where the weld made contact with the nut, even though most of the circumference of the nut has weld residue around it.
  5. I work for Cansco Well Control
  6. Would have to go for unsafe, would need to be padded and also need to know the what the roll cage is anchored too. Seen a few roll cages in the oilfield that have been extended in front of the front seats and taken through the dashboard onto a structural member of the chassis. A few companies have it as a standard that no vehicle is allowed in the field without a full roll cage that protects A, B and C pillars
  7. @Ale Vallecchi Looking forward to enjoying your 100th Carnity Drive with you. Sure we will all have a memorable time
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