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  1. Hi @Hisham Masaad Sorry for the late notice but I'm not going to make to tomorrow morning Have a great drive and see you all soon
  2. @Davie Chase Congratulations on becoming support team
  3. @Fabien Monleau Congratulations on the new level and see you soon in the sand
  4. Thank you everyone for the congratulations ... looking forward to pushing my black beast as far as it can go, which is probably further than me 🙄 See you all the in the sand soon and sharing further adventures together
  5. @Waqas Parvez Congratulations !!!! ... see you on the next drive soon
  6. @Rajiv Sam Congratulations !!! ... see you on the next drive
  7. @Vaibhav Congratulations !!! see you on the next drive
  8. @Dr Tanveer Ahmed My rims are from the same guys that did the mods. They did trim the wheel wells and add fender extensions to keep the edge of the wheel flush with the body as the wheel have a negative offset which widens the track of the wheels. It depends on what size of wheel/tire you want to run. But have seen plenty on other forums running 35's without doing any fender trimming, but these seem to be on a 275/285 wide tire with a slight tweak to the AHT and bending the pinch weld in the wheel well. I also like the AHT suspension as easy to get in and out. With the changes that I had made, don't see any real difference in comfort and road noise from when the car was in stock.
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