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  1. coming from dubai, i see online the last gas station is around Jebel ali, is there any other gas station closer to the starting point, if so would appreciate the coordinates please, thanks
  2. Hi, for this drive, the message states long range patrol's stuff, would a jeep's (392) fuel capacity be an issue?
  3. Hello Davie, Unfortunately, I will have to cancel tomorrow's journey because the 392 has developed a "Serv4WD" alarm and is currently in the workshop. It will take a few days for diagnostics, and then we will know how long it will take to fix the problem. Kindly excuse me, and thank you for your understanding. regards Gurcharan (driving 392—a Jeep thing)
  4. Hey Davie, Hope you're well, just wanted to say that I'll be driving a different vehicle and have gotten all the equipment required
  5. Hey @Rizwanm2, unfortunately will have to pass as the drive would be a bit too early for me. Enjoy the drive!
  6. Congratulations @Looper on your first lead. It was a very fun drive and am looking forward to more of your drives in the future. Likewise, it was nice meeting you after a longer period of time. @GauravSoni, @premindra rajaram and @Juan R it was nice meeting you all, hope to catch up again soon.
  7. Although I was looking forward to the drive, I am unfortunately having to withdraw as the lead suggested I go to a lower level. Have a fun drive
  8. @Asif Hussain Hey, sorry I think I joined the drive by accident, apologies for the confusion.
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