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  1. Oh alright, and you didn't feel a loss in power compared to stock?
  2. Hey @JamesThorn, sorry for restarting this post after a while. Just had a question, when you put your 315/70s did you end up regearing?
  3. Hello All, I am looking at picking up a 2 door chevy silverado trailboss. However, I am not too sure whether to get the brand new variant or an early 2022/ late 2021 version. In the newest one, they offer a floor shifter with paddle shifters, which seems to be a neat feature, whereas in the older varient, they give the regular column shifter. I'm a little hesitant about the column shifter as I'm used to a floor shifter, coming from a land cruiser and, its quite easy to use tiptronic. So, I'm asking all column shifter users whether using tiptronic on a column shifter is easy to use or whether it'd be a better idea to get the one with paddle shifters.
  4. Hello Ale, Looking forward to the drive, just noticed that my name isn't listed, hope that can be resolved.
  5. Thank you for the kind words @M.Seidam, likewise it was a delight to meet you. Yes, the family is doing better now, thank you for asking. @Rizwanm2, it was a fun route as always, unfortunately we had to exit early, but looking forward to your future drives. I would like to once again apologize to everyone in the convoy for the inconvenience due to the early exit as we weren't feeling well. @Rizwanm2 , @M.Seidam and everyone else, thank you for taking us to an exit even though we were in the middle of Badayer. It was a pleasure meeting everyone, see yall again soon!
  6. Good Morning @Rizwanm2 really sorry but we are running about 5 minutes late.
  7. Hey Rizwan, was meaning to message you. Yes we are confirmed for the drive tomorrow.
  8. Hey @Rizwanm2, I'm not 100 percent sure on whether I will be joining this drive or not, hence putting myself in the waitlist. Will update if plans do change, thanks!
  9. @Rizwanm2 Congratulations on your first lead! It was a very enjoyable route and we all had a lot of fun and we really liked the mix of dunes. From climbing the big dune to ridge riding the smaller ones. Also, thanks for letting me in at such short notice. It was a great drive and l look forward to future drives. Likewise @Hisham Masaad, it was great to meeting you again. Haha yes, my son does a great job being a copilot. He compares it to the job of a copilot during rally races. @Thomas Varghese It was really nice meeting you for the first time last Saturday. It was great driving with you and I wanted to take the time to thank you again for all the lovely compliments. Hope to see you again soon! @Tom B It's always great to see another Land Cruiser. @Jonny90 , @Sunil Mathew and @Sam K It was nice meeting yall, hope to see you guys around. Thanks again everyone for such a fluid and fun drive, hope to see yall again soon.
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