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  1. Wonderful Sweihan tall dunes drive... loved it enjoyed it. @JeromeFJ it was a pleasure driving with you and the team... as you mentioned, hardly any refusal.... nice ridge riding & crossings, thanks for the drive and thanks to @Gautam Banka for the drinks (very refreshing)
  2. Hi @JeromeFJ, we were on time but now running 5 minutes late as we had to go around for refueling.
  3. Thank you @Patrick van der Loo. Waiting to take over your manual TJ! 😅
  4. Hey @Looper, sorry for the later notice but unfortunately I won't be able to join tomorrow's drive. Car went into the shop about two weeks ago to get fixed, and due to the rains, it's still not ready yet. Was really looking forward to the new level, but will have to pass this one. Enjoy the drive!
  5. Thank you Emanuel! Looking forward to it. Thank you @DP1011! Yes, most definitely looking forward to what the new level has to offer.
  6. @JeromeFJ Thank you for your kind consideration, i appreciate it. However, I chose to confirm another drive at 8am on the same day; hence, I won't be able to join you and can be excluded from the waitlist. Thank you for reconfirming, and I hope it has not caused any inconvenience.
  7. @Ale Vallecchi Thank you for the update and I'm glad to know that you've been able to diagnose your new car's issues. Look forward to another drive with you soon.
  8. after selecting i realised it is 90 mins to meeting point, can i cancel and switch to another drive?
  9. @Marek_was003 nice shot buddy, thanks for it, and it is nice to have you on my back i knew i was kind of cruising and always had you in mind that i needed to keep the pace to not break your momentum but then i got into trouble with the lead... @Ale Vallecchi the drive was awesome, my apologies for being too close at some points. I agree with @Marek_was003 and thanks to @Ale Vallecchithere are so many tall dunes, it was the wonderful side of Badayer. Great drive, great fun, thanks to all
  10. @Ale Vallecchi Even better, most ideal time, I get to go home and change before arriving at the meeting point, thanks.
  11. I acknowledge the cancellation for tomorrow's drive, It is a pity because it is the first time I was to sweep on a Carnity drive, but as you mentioned, there will be more weekends and hopefully more opportunities. Better safe than sorry. Thank you all, and I hope to catch up next weekend.
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