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  1. Would have loved to do this @Looper but will have to put this on the 2024 list
  2. Thanks @Gertjan. Do you have any more as I’m still trying to work out the next part in the series?
  3. Thank you @JeromeFJ for a great drive. I was really enjoying it until you know what happened. Looking back through the footage and trying to learn more I have come to the conclusion that when the right rear popped out and the car rotated 90 degrees to the left the right hand side step became a plow and caused the car to roll right. As you can see in the photo below it bent back until it hit the chassis at which point the car’s inertia threw the car over. Apologies for shortening everyone’s drive and thank you once again @JeromeFJ for waiting back until the truck arrived. Will see how fast I can turn around the repairs and get back out on the sand. P.S Still scratching my head how the side mirrors were untouched
  4. Massive respect to all of the team leads. Yesterday was tough and having to drive soft powder sand tested everyone let alone having to navigate at the same time.
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