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  1. The road is blocked at the last exit, we have two cars waiting here. Any way around to the meeting point? Found they way, nvm)
  2. For what it worth, we recently went there, the fenced area on the island is closed now. There is a gate next to the comms tower, but it is completely blocked. We drove along the fence but couldn't find a way in. Had to camp on the Shipwreck beach which is a short drive from there.
  3. We set the camp a bit further away from the meeting point, looked too open to my taste. Came a bit early after spending last night at Ruwais beach.
  4. Appreciate that @KAMALIO, I know I was following up a bit too close, need to work on that)
  5. Any camping locations around? We are thinking of staying overnight before the drive.
  6. Excellent drive, fast paced and challenging! Big thanks to @Anish S and the supporting team!
  7. Pulling out of the drive so others can join. Car will be stuck at the dealer for the service over the weekend( See you all next week!
  8. Was a fun drive, some shoveling, couple of crestings (even from the Grand Master @Asif Hussain), Subaru losing another (or the same) piece of meat, all the good fun) Thanks everybody and especially the organiser and supporting team!
  9. Its not actually clear. Almost reads like tonight will be the last curfew since it "will conclude".
  10. Sorry guys have to pull out of the drive, we had a positive case in the office this week 😱, so going to get tested and sit tight. Have fun!
  11. would be good to see AUH local drives while we are in lockdown.. do all marshals live in Dubai? maybe it is possible to move start to 6am, make drive shorter to exit 9am, or exit at 10am even?
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