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  1. Congratss, enjoy yor leads, looking forward to it 👍
  2. Congratulations and enjoy your milestone 👍
  3. I am planning to camp the night before the drive, let me know if anyone will be arround 😉
  4. Thats almost same as Cronos, I will probably go for something cheaper here, anyway, I just need the wire, I can take the switch from the cronos or buy it separately Thanks though 👍 Safe dune bashing !!!
  5. I installed the cronos myself, dont mind to replace it too, I am happy with factory switch, the only question is how far is the price from cronos
  6. @Stumpy Paj may I know where did you get your new Kill switch loom, I have Cronos, and not happy anymore ))
  7. How badly I wanted to be on this drive, but have to drop it due to busy schedule, looking forward for the next one ENJOY
  8. @Alphin Aloor I switched from Dragon Mart air compressor to Portable ARB which comes with Air Tank. I installed the electric wire from front to the back, so I can use the compressor as an On-Board one. Gives me option to remove the compressor and keep it at home if not offroading for long time, specially in the summer.(less maintanance) I like how I can control the airflow, and compressor doesnt have to run continuously due to Air Tank, however I dont know how it runs without it. If I had an option to install an on-board one, probably I would do it, but only if I would use the bluetooth option with it. At the end,if your purpose is just to inflate your tyres, keep the dragon mart one, if you want to make it more easier, enjoyable, and ready to pay for it, get the ARB.
  9. Thank you for the drive @Looper and @Mark B , here is some extra info , see you next time
  10. I would test drive all cars to see which one is the most comfortable in the city, and then rent it out for 1 day to be 100% sure, then you won't regret buying it and won't go wrong with it in the dessert, except Pajero ))
  11. @Stumpy Paj new steering rack will cost you 2500-3000 dhs ,you can do rebuild for 1000 including labor (cleaning and changing seals etc)
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