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  1. Hey. No real experience - although I actually went up to al qudra at the weekend with a friend (having read a lot of material online) and had a go at deflating the tyres and driving on the sand and on some small dunes. Apart from that I’m a complete newbie. Really just keen to get into it so I can do some more scenic drives (I really want to go upto fossil rock!). I have a Pajero which has 4 wheel drive - completely standard with no modifications. I haven’t measured the clearance but I am 99.9% certain it has at least 10inch clearance (I will check tonight though). I think I’ve got enough gear for now (compressor, tow rope, flag with suction cup, shovel, tyre deflator tools and pressure gauge). I don’t have a walkie talkie yet though. Do I need this for Friday? looking forward to meeting on Friday! Chris
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