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  1. Thanks @S Jacob and @Hisham Masaad. Thanks brother. Did u change from mitsubishi to lexus?
  2. Thanks @Danish Mohammad. Hopefully some day will be riding with u all in dubai. Btw all are welcome to abudabhi
  3. IF there was no roll over by that Jeep, there would have been an accident between this jeep and the front one as they where going so close, with out flag, not hearing any radio too. at 0:52 it is clearly visible.
  4. As usual with @Asif Hussainstarted as absolute newbie, ended as i dont know @Ruan van den Heever @Mus_hus78 @Josh T. what level was it? It was fun to drive with you all. Till next week be safe take care.
  5. As @Asif Hussain is leading, well i guess it is not gonna be a newbie drive 😀.
  6. Finally done it. channels set.
  7. @Asif Hussain Thanks for your guidance yesterday. I had a great time. Unlike sweihan, AL khatim dunes where different. Yesterday learned that, every vehicles has its own way of driving, I was driving landcruiser same way as Montero, 2 different things, 2 different methods to drive, considering the weight factor. Well i guess thats what carnity is for. @Hasan Wahlan Missed you on yesterday, hope everything is fine, will meet you on next ride. Has a lot to learn from you. @Josh T. nice pics brother. Keep it coming. @Naveen Raj count me in with shovel any time Thank you all f
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