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  1. @Gerrit Bus, it was great meeting you in this ride. Can you please remind me again what is the name of the 360 cam that you had mounted on your car. @Imran Kashif, can you please remind me what is the name of the shop that did the rollover cage for you (I remember it was in Abu Dhabi :D)
  2. @Beide Worku how have you been? I've got few questions about your airbags incident. Did the insurance company cover the cost of repairing your airbags? What insurance provider do you have? What was the story that you told them? @Tom B @Mark D @Jonny90 @Rob S
  3. Hi @rizwaan, thanks a lot for adding me to the group 🤩 By the way, I had an angry emoji in my last post !!! that was by mistake 😅
  4. Hi @varunmehndiratta very unfortunately I am going to have to drop from this drive. I went for a drive yesterday and I have a christmas tree going in my dashboard. I couldn't get it sorted today unfortunately. Hopefully someone from the wait-list can fill in @takeshi sobue @Mahmoud Taha @Alexanderrr @Daniel Rodas@Peter Hager @Piaras Cushnan Drive safely everyone, Sam
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