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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021 - Winning Team

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  1. Fewbie ranking here..this will be 4th Fewbie drive for me...looking forward to tomorrow morning!
  2. Please consider me for this drive if there are any cancellations. Thank you.
  3. Glad to assist however you need and looking forward to seeing this area again.
  4. Awesome drive this morning! Excellent decision to pause and let the fog get out of the way. Would like any drone picks of us all in the pocket!
  5. For the first Fewbie experience....WOW!!! Thanks to all for that excellent adventure Friday morning and especially to Gaurav for taking us through those dunes with minimal stoppages. It certainly was a learning experience for me and thank you all for your encouragement and fine examples of driving for me to observe. I look forward to the next time out. John
  6. This drive filled rapidly and caught me offguard...so please waitlist me for this opportunity to join. Thank you.
  7. Guarav, Looks like more fun. My first Fewbie Drive so looking forward to a very excellent adventure.
  8. Thank you Abdul! Looking forward to seeing Sharjah dunes this Friday.
  9. Thanks Santoso! Looking forward to more dune bashing at a little faster pace. Going to Sharjah this weekend to a drive at Pink Rock! Thank you Anish!
  10. Thanks Frederic! Looking forward to more drives and a little faster pace!🤪
  11. Thank you Shereen...and same to you! Thank you Nivin...looking forward to my first Fewbie drive! Regards John
  12. Sri, had a great time yesterday!! learning more about how my FJ handles in the soft sand...and learning more how to negotiate the dunes. Looking forward to my 5th Newbie drive next week. Josh, good work also as the sweeper and reminding me to close the gap...it is too easy to lose visibility of the car ahead if you are not paying attention...and several times nearly made a wrong turn. I do have a question...several places we drove past a small pocket or hole that appears to be very difficult to exit if you accidentally drive into one...how you recover a vehicle out of a situation lik
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