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  1. An awesome drive and new experience as compared to Qudra. Loved the climb to pink rock and learnt a great deal. Tq @Gaurav and team to keep us safe.
  2. @YawaYou can inflate your tires using my compressor. I am happy to lend it once I am done.
  3. Hi folks can you suggest any garage doing retrofit. I need to add skid plate. rough estimate on cost ??
  4. Hi we had an awesome drive in the absolute newbie and both Our Marshal and Mehmet were helpful, provided good knowledge and also had the patience. I specially enjoy the Mother Nature in its true form and loved the Dunes. It was like a dream of myself driving in the dunes. Understood the capability of machine Pajero abs happy to have bought it. thank you Carnity for this wonderful experience. Looking forward for many more such rides.
  5. Hi Vanessa 1) Mitsubishi Pajero 2014 2) Absolutely none - I signed up for a absolute newbie drive after hearing from my friend who joined last year and very much excited on this new journey. 3) yes In terms of tools, a deflator with pressure gauge,potable compressor, flag, Radio, gloves, showel. Most importantly lots of enthusiasm to learn on this new journey.
  6. Hi Felix, Nice to know about you and your experience. My name is Bhanu Prakash and with construction background. I am cycling enthusiast and lately picked up Badminton which has become my second passion. I am an Absolute Newbie and will be part of your convoy.I am hoping that this is going to be a game changer for me as i am not only interested in adventure but also will give me the chance to learn about by car. I have twin girls who will be thrilled to come to the desert once i am into the drives. Hoping for best to all. catch you on the 1st drive.
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