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  1. Wish I could attend as we have heard so much about these events, however, we are in UK on vacation, so I would like to take the opportunity to welcome all the new members and hope all the veteran members have a great time. see you all in the sand very soon
  2. @Jessica Lambert thanks please let me know how it goes and please share pics of your new and improved front bumper once they have cut and shut it Great Pic of both of you @Jessica Lambert& @Islam Soliman
  3. @Islam Soliman thank you for a superb drive today, it indeed had everything as you predicted, and you did not disappoint. I really enjoy these technical drives as the tax you physically and mentally. the route was great as was the company and teamwork as we resolved the handful of stucks and a pop out. @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler you were your usual awesome self at second lead ensuring we did not follow when told to stop ensuring the route was safe for us all to follow. @Chaitanya D great jon in sweep keeping the convoy together, great to drive with you again. @Jessica Lambert @Naim Aoun @Daniel Rodas @Gok Krish @TT_Dubai you guys drove amazingly making our jobs so much easier, not only that, but you all pitched in to support the drive with shovels and laughter along the way, great example of a team pulling together to get us all out safely. Fantastic job one and all. Hope you all enjoyed the drive as much as we did. here is what I managed to pull from GPS FYI Bottom line great way to start the weekend Have a great rest of your day and enjoy the rest of your weekend
  4. Congratulations @Pranjal Varsani1 Enjoy the new level 😃
  5. Congratulations @Mark Birch Enjoy the new level 😀
  6. Congratulations @Jaro Tuzinsky Enjoy the new level 😃
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