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  1. Congratulations @Bashar Beasha on your promotion. Enjoy the new Level
  2. Congratulations @Joji varghese welcome to the support team, look forward to driving with you soon
  3. Congratulations @PETELCZYC PAJERO - luke well deserved enjoy the new level
  4. Congratulations @Cristian on your promotion enjoy the new level
  5. Congratulations @essam ibrahim well deserved look forward to driving with you in your new level, well done and well deserved my friend :):)
  6. @Frederic @Looper agree with what you guys have said @Alphin Aloor the tank was a great addition for me on several fronts, all of which Looper has alluded to, it is most definitely quicker ,especially when filling all 4 tires at once, it is much better when using Air tools especially my air jack as you need volume of air for these, and it saves the compressor as it is not working so hard. I have yet to fit blue tooth as the financial manager at home needs some respite from all of the other purchases for my not so cheap hobby lol but I am sure it will come
  7. Congratulations @Srilakshman Karthikeyan enjoy the new level
  8. Dear desert warriors thank you all for joining my drive today I had an absolute blast meeting new friends and seeing old ones and catching up with you all. Our drive today had a moving time of approx. 2 and a half hours and a stopped time of 1 and a half, we had a beautiful sunrise, fresh virgin sand, camels and a couple of pop outs along with a few refusals and stucks, so we had pretty much everything Our S/L played a blinder, smoothing and polishing my tracks keeping the convoy safe and sound as well as smooth, great job @Gary F @Haneef Thayyil you drove amazingly well for your first Fb drive, I hope the drive lived up to your expectations and you learnt heaps Remember to get your tire checked soonest. @Cristian you drove brilliantly as always with just a few minor adjustments from Ben following you all good learning. Remember to get your tire checked soonest. Our C/F @Benjamin was stunning in support and advises throughout the drive well done mate, you are still not getting my pop out champion title (@Frederic a new category for your hall of fame ) just yet although you came close today, great support, keeping calm and sharing your knowledge with the team, thanks again. @Alphin Aloor @Joji varghese you both drove fantastically, and it was a pleasure to meet up with you both again, I hope you enjoyed the drive as much as we did. and our brilliant sweep @Islam Soliman having you in the convoy allowed me to focus on leading and not worry about what was happening at the back, as i go through the learning curve of leading that makes the task a whole lot easier. Thank you and appreciate you joining us today and sharing your vast knowledge with us all. What a great start to the weekend, i hope you all enjoyed the drive and I wish you a fantastic rest of your weekend and look forward to seeing you in the sand again real soon when I return from vacation
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